The Answer to Life

So, you would like to know the answer to everlasting happiness and contentment?

Answer = Team sport & great socials!

With all these smart phones, facebook, ipads and tweets, does anyone else think it's getting a tad too geeky?

Ok, so all this is apparently making our lives easier but obesity rates are sky-rocketing and people are actually interacting face-to-face MUCH LESS than they did 10 years ago. Smart phones are supposed to be smart.. but surely they can't be that 'smart' if they're making us all fat..

GO Mammoth is on a mission to STOP this relentless, unhealthy, unsatisfying lifestyle which is slowly taking hold of our lives.

Most of us justify to ourselves that we are living a healthy lifestyle by frequenting the gym once (maybe twice) a week and supplementing that with a run (by ourselves usually). But how many of us get into the gym and really push ourselves, or come out of the gym feeling really satisfied? Not many is the answer. A sterile, lonely, cold environment, where social interaction stands out like a sore thumb, rather than the norm.

Does anyone remember team sport at school or university? That's how we USED TO stay fit and healthy - we did things TOGETHER! We didn't all sit in the gym by ourselves or go off running alone. We PLAYED TOGETHER and it was FUN!

Well, now the time has come... to GO BACK WITH GO MAMMOTH, to a more social time, to a healthier, less busy and confused time. Just hang out with your friends in the flesh.

Smile, sweat, run, chat, win and lose TOGETHER.. connect with the people around you in real life.

Forget about joining a dedicated sports club - they require you to train multiple times a week, and they take winning far too seriously. At GO Mammoth, it's all just about having FUN (as much fun as is humanly possible we should add). For an hour or so a week, just put the [smart!]phone away, and JUST PLAY sport with your friends, and enjoy life, both on pitch and in the bar.

Here ends the sermon ...

GO Mammoth