Meet the Team

Management Team

Luke Mohr - Founder & CEO

Luke Mohr  

  • Background: Stockbroker, PwC bean-counter, Commercial Director Anyjunk
  • Likes: Random missions, family, tennis, windsurfing
  • Favourite Line: Make it happen! 


David Bavin - Head of Operations

David Bavin

  • Background: Uni Rugby Social Sec and Club Captain
  • Likes: Rugby, Motor-X, softball, looking good in beach hats
  • Most likely to say: "I'm all over it"

Rose Martin - Head of Events


  • Background: Uni Netball Captain 
  • Likes: Netball,  Horses,  Theatre, Skiing
  • Most likely to say: "Go Mammoth, or Go Home" or "Really????!!!"


Ollie Gordon - Operations Manager


  • Background: Msc Sport & Health Sciences, UK Ultimate Regional Co-ordinator
  • Likes: Ultimate Frisbee (just a little... he plays for GB!), Violin (Grade 8 nonetheless), making his sandwiches "just right"..
  • Most likely to say: "I'm ok.." (when asked if he can play Ultimate Frisbee or the violin for that matter)


James Austin - Head of Fitness


  • Background: Master Trainer, Personal Training, Bootcamps
  • Likes: Keeping in shape, skiing, dodgeball, seeing customers get buff and reaching their personal goals
  • Most likely to say: No carbs after 6!


Wolly - Mammoth Club Mascot

wolly "Wolly"... yeh, you've got it - as in "Wolly Mammoth" :) - is our big woolly mascot. In line with our company history, we just had to bring him back to life. He keeps us company in the office, and also frequents the leagues and events we run. Despite sweating profusely, he is a harmless ball of fur, who loves the sport, and the social even more. Favourite hangout = dodgeball leagues, and many watering holes.. Be sure to give him a big bear hug and shake his trunk if you see him!


Advisory Board

Jason Mohr - Founder & CEO of Anyjunk

 JM.jpg As founder of the UK’s largest junk removal company, Any Junk and the ground-breaking skipandbin skip comparison site, Jason provides invaluable expertise on bringing unique business concepts to market. As a former qualified solicitor, investment banker with NM Rothschild &Co, and MBA graduate, Jason appreciates what it takes to create an exceptional service business.