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Social Fitness Classes in London

Go Mammoth fitness classes in London run all year round, on a monthly membership basis. They are open at some of the best, most convenient locations in London, to ensure they are available to everyone either near their work or home. This is one of the best gym's in London because you can technically design your own membership by just choosing different memberships when you want to workout which you can't do in London gym's. Rather than being tied in to a contract, you will have a cheap gym membership. Go Mammoth offers the same classes that a health club in london, or a fitness club in london will, but in an easier, more cost effective way.

Social Fitness Classes for Social Athletes

Try out the different exercise and fitness classes and get MAMMOTH fit!!

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Couldn't pick a better class, instructors great, awesome music, and really well organised. Thanks for getting me off the sofa Go Mammoth
Rachel (Fulham)