Boxfit London

Boxfit Classes in London

Boxfit classes based on boxercise are by far one of the best ways to get fit in a social environment.  Join up to boxfit on your own, or with some of your friends, and have a full body workout without even realising it. Mammoth boxfit classes are run by the most enthusiastic boxfit instructors, with the best music and atmosphere. Mammoth boxfit classes make keeping fit easy and fun.

Why Mammoth Boxfit?

  • These are the most social and enjoyable boxfit classes in London
  • You get a full body workout without really realising it
  • You exercise with all boxfit abilities and learn new skills 
  • No prior experience of boxing needed
  • You are not tied into a lengthy london gym contract

Boxfit London Classes Near You:



Angel N 7pm
£28 p/m
Bethnal Green E 7.30pm Thurs £28 p/m
NW  7pm
Tues £28 p/m
Clapham Junction SW 7.30pm  Weds  £28 p/m
SW 6.45 &
£28 p/m

W 7.45pm
Mon £28 p/m
SW 6.45pm
Mon £28 p/m
C 7.30pm
£28 p/m
Pimlico SW 7.15pm Tues £32 p/m
SW 7pm
Tues £28 p/m

Clapham South
SW 7.45pm Tues  £28 p/m 
E 6.30 &
Weds £28 p/m
Clapham Lambeth
SW 6.45pm
Weds £28 p/m
Ladbroke Grove W 7.30pm  Tues
£28 p/m


Email us today at with where you would like a class, and we'll try and make it happen!


"Great in organising leagues and social events. Organisers are friendly and helpful" Holly rated Go Mammoth 5 stars

Mammoth Boxfit Classes Near You:

10 Reasons you will LOVE Mammoth Boxfit classes

  1. No experience necessary - All of our london exercise classes, including the boxfit courses, cater for all abilities. Whether you LOVE boxfit, or have never tried it out before, these boxfit classes are for you.
  2. Extremely social – The main aim for our london boxfit classes is to make them as social as possible. Many people prefer working out with friends, so the classes focus on interaction and enjoyment.
  3. Improved fitness- Boxing is a fantastic way to lose weight, but it doesn't appeal to everyone. Boxfit classes have a great mix of skills training and cardio exercise that make it fun to get fit in London.
  4. Fantastic instructors – We have searched high and low, for the best boxing instructors possible. These guys make this one of the best boxing fitness classes in London.
  5. Flexible - Our monthly boxfit memberships are designed specifically so people don't have to sign up to long gym memberships. You can cancel your membership at any time simply by calling the Fitness Team on 0207 381 6034
  6. Mixed Sex - These boxfit classes are designed specifically to cater for men and women.
  7. Make friends - Without sounding cheesey, social fitness is a great way to meet new people with similar interests. Getting fit and working out is much more enjoyable if you know people within your fitness/boxfit class.
  8. Location - We try to find the most suitable locations. We try to find an even spread of venues for our boxfit classes in North, South, East and West London so there is always one attractive to you.
  9. Money back guarantee -  No pressure. If it's not for you, let us know within 48hours of your first class and you will get a full refund.
  10. Be part of Go Mammoth – Once you have signed up you are "part of the club". All equipment is provided for you, you will get a FREE t-shirt, and also receive discounted drinks/food at the venues designated sponsor bar.

"The instructor is awesome. They really motivate us and provides constantly new and varied classes to keep us on our toes. I've become the fittest I've ever been"
Anon, Putney

How it works:

  • £28 every 4 weeks - 1 class every week, same time, same place, paid on a rolling basis
  • £7 effective price per class 
  • No contract
  • Professional and friendly instructors
  • Online class management
  • Free Mammoth t-shirt for all members

Can't make a week?

Can’t make your class one week? Simply email us and we’ll do our best to swap you into another class you can make that week

Fancy a change? Just let us know and we can change your preferred class at any point (any class, any location)

Want to delay your start date? No problem. Just register and pay to confirm your spot then email

with your preferred start date and we’ll delay it accordingly