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rating.png (60×11) Livy 13 Sep 2012

Better version of Ronseal - does more than what it says on the tin

Our team have been playing dodgeball with GO Mammoth for 3 seasons now in Clapham, and we have no regrets! It’s a great organisation that has kept the personal, organised and friendly aspect of the company throughout our time playing with them. Its getting bigger and even more popular, a credit to the team! Well done guys and see you in season 4!

rating.png (60×11) Gabby 10 Sep 2012

Fun & Friendly league!

Really easy going league, I joined as an individual and was a bit nervous about doing so but has been brilliant so far! thanks! (Parsons Green netball)

rating.png (60×11) Harriet 22 Aug 2012

Friendly, fun and great way to meet new people

I joined Clapham netball as an individual and have loved it. I had just moved to London and wanted to meet new people. My team was great and really friendly, everyone was there to have fun and get some exercise. I've made some great friends through it. The staff are always really helpful and friendly. It's definitely a league I would recommend to anyone looking to play social netball and make some new friends. The socials are brilliant too!

rating.png (60×11) Emma 02 May 2012

Top Netball League!!

My netball team has been playing together in London for over 3 years now and we have tried various organisations throughout the years. We are now into our 3rd season with GO Mammoth and can honestly say that they are by far the best all rounders as far as netball clubs go! The Clapham League is very well run, and whilst occassionally we disagree with some decisions, we generally find the umpiring to be of a good and fair standard. The umpires are also very good at offering advice to better improve our play, and they actually seem like they want to be there - other clubs umpires do not hide the fact that they've "had a bad day".
I can recommend GO Mammoth to anyone out there looking for a netball club, and it is a testament to them that we didn't even consider another club at the end of last season! We look forward to many more with GO Mammoth.

rating.png (60×11) Rebecca 26 Apr 2012

Fulham and Chelsea League for Netball

Fulham and Chelsea league is very good. Very organised and good communication.

rating.png (60×11) Ben 26 Apr 2012

Fantastic Fun!!

Enough said..

rating.png (60×11) Bec 26 Apr 2012

Fun games, great people

I played netball with go mammoth last winter and also with one another league. Go Mammoth was much more fun, the people really nice and friendly, up for a laugh but still great games. The social side is great too. If you are new to the city or just looking for some fun exercise and to meet new people I strongly recommend.

rating.png (60×11) Claire  25 Apr 2012

Clapham Monday Night Netball...Fantastic way to get involved in social sport. Umpires are always great, patient and especially helpful no matter what your skill level. Relaxed friendly atmosphere, great way to start the week!

rating.png (60×11) Nicola ann 24 Apr 2012

Awesome Events run by a clearly hardworking team The netball team I've been playing for organised by Go Mammoth has been a great way to meet new people I wouldn't of usually of got to socialize with. They create a real sense of community within the teams and develops this further within the amazing social events that I now ALWAYS look forward to. The staff are all helpful and willing to go above and beyond for us.

rating.png (60×11) Becky Love 24 Apr 2012

Great Fun, Brilliantly Organised!

I joined a netball team in Clapham last season and we've had a great time playing together. The organisation is excellent, umpires are friendly and we're getting on really well as a team. A great way to meet new people and have a bit of fun while exercising. What's not to like?

rating.png (60×11) Fiona 22 Apr 2012

Great Netball!

Joined the league to meet new people as I was new in London from South Africa. Having never played netball before I was surprised to find everyone very encouraging and friendly. Great League!

rating.png (60×11) Lauraloo ‎ - 4 Oct 2011

I am playing in my fourth season of indoor netball at White City and love it!! The umpires are of a really high standard and everything is run really well- the organiser, David, works really hard to make sure of this!! A great way to meet loads of fab people :) 

rating.png (60×11) Jenni ‎ - 22 Nov 2011

Great company, good way of meeting lots of friendly people! Would recommend. 

rating.png (60×11) Wilf ‎ - 22 Nov 2011

Great club, great company. Would recommend it to everyone wanting to play netball! 

rating.png (60×11) Liz ‎ - 6 Oct 2011

great fun, reasonably priced and well organised! plus, playing netball indoors on a cold winters night is far more preferable to being outside in the snow!! 

rating.png (60×11) Catherine ‎ - 2 Sep 2011

Fantastic, fun and a perfect way to forget about the office! The website makes it super easy for us to organise our Netball team. Cant wait for the Autumn season! 

rating.png (60×11) Emma ‎ - 28 Jul 2011

I play Softball and Netball with Go Mammoth and have only good things to say about them. Paul and David are totally awesome, and are always on hand to listen to comments and take on suggestions... and most importantly - act on them. Go Mammoth are super friendly, well organized and it's clear the staff are keen sportsmen too - especially when their team beats yours! Would recommend them and their leagues wholeheartedly. 

rating.png (60×11) Agata ‎ - 15 Jul 2011

Absolutely love the evening netball league! Great socialising with work colleagues, and always a fun competitive vibe! 

rating.png (60×11) Bailo ‎ - 15 Sep 2010

I've always love sport, particularly team sports (it takes the pressure off poor performance on a bad day!) BUT I've never played at a high level or that regularly. After being in London ten years getting a beer belly and not satisfying my thirst for some fitness I decided to go on a hunt for a ladies netball league that didn't consist only of ex-County/England players or require me to do scary trials, but something more approachable and fun. I had a look online and came across the Go Mammoth social sports leagues and saw that they did a variety of different sports both for ladies, gents and mixed. Woo hoo! I forwarded the link to some sporty friends of mine and we thought, sod it, lets put a mixed team together for Volleyball in Wandsworth Park (at this point I must note that none of us had ever played Volleyball before!!). We were even short of a few players, but Go Mammoth sorted out with a couple of lovely ladies - now our really good friends. Well, it was fun, bags of fun, and as the weeks went on we all got better and actually won the league (you would not have guessed it based on the first week performance, we were terrible!). We are back next season for indoor volleyball and I have no doubt we will try our hands to other sports Go Mammoth offer in the future. It's one of the cheapest leagues in London to join, well organised, great bunch of people, open to all standards of play and then there's the boozing... post match drinks and socials have been cause of many a heavy head the next day but it's worth it. Fitness and beer go hand in hand very nicely indeed.. I have recommended to all my friends. Get involved!

rating.png (60×11) A Google User ‎ - 11 Nov 2010

Social Netball I played netball at university, but when I moved down to London, and started a new job, I didn't have the time to commit to a serious club. However, I discovered GOmammoth, and have enjoyed every minute of it. It has allowed me to play netball at a decent level, but have a laugh at the same time. All levels are welcome, and the social aspect of it is great…a drink always feels so much better having just played a game of Netball, and it's great to goto the pub with your team afterwards and either talk tactics or just get to know them better. The regular socials are always eventful, and they generally try and do something a bit different to 'just a night in the pub'…I have made some great friends this season, and I can't wait until the next one starts! 

rating.png (60×11) Kate ‎ - 8 Nov 2010

Netball I've been playing Netball this season with Go Mammoth at Battersea Park. All our team joined as individuals and then got to know each other at the first match. Our team is sticking together next season as we all get on well and have enjoyed developing our skills as a team. It's been great combining socialising with exercise, and I've now signed up for more of the team sports offered by Go Mammoth. I'd definitely recommend Go Mammoth to anyone wanting to join a fun, well organised, social, sports network - in fact I already have recommended it to my friends! 

rating.png (60×11) A Google User ‎ - 9 Nov 2010

Go Mammoth Netball and Touch Rugby !! I have played 2 netball leagues for Go Mammoth and it always heaps of fun and very well organised. I have also joined up for Touch Rugby on Saturday mornings which is a great way to get some exercise on the weekends ! The club is very social and there are always parties and other social activities to get involved in if you want. its a great way to meet new friends and have some fun !! 

rating.png (60×11) A Google User ‎ - 9 Nov 2010

Review of Go Mammoth Joined the netball league this season; met loads of great people and got back into playing netball again. I love it; have already signed up for next season. La. 

rating.png (60×11) A Google User ‎ - 5 Nov 2010

Great sport and social mix I've been part of 2 netball leagues and really enjoyed both, even though my team are always at the bottom!! It's just the right mix of sport and social - the courts are great and conveninet and the umpires friendly and professional. The netball girls are all lovely and it's all pretty light hearted - no bitchyness here and we often de-breif over at the pub! Organisors David and Luke are fantastic helps at answering any queries and ensuring we have enough players. They also arrange a mean social! The Halloween party was a lot of fun. I've signed up for the next league as it's great value and I've met some lovely people... Sign up too! 

rating.png (60×11) ebony ‎ - 4 Nov 2010

Go Mammoth Netball My team has been playing netball at Battersea Park for a season, its been great! The Go Mammoth team are really helpful and its a great friendly league that doesn't take itself too seriously. The courts are great too and its more affordable than some of the other leagues! We're really enjoying it! 

rating.png (60×11) Michelle ‎ - 18 Oct 2010

Netball review If you fancy having loads of fun whilst getting a great work out and meeting people then Go mammoth Netball is just what you're looking for. 



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