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Levels of Play - London Netball Leagues 

GO Mammoth offers leagues with different levels of play to suit every player whether recreational or intermediate. If you're not sure what level you are - the descriptions below should help you with making a decision. Any questions, please call us in the office on 0207 381 6034...  we're here to help!


Perfect for: 
- Players who want specific coaching sessions with some game play

- Players who aren't ready to join a league yet, but still want to get into netball

- Players who have never played before but want to give it a try

- Players who are looking to refresh themselves with the game before joining a league 
Recreational, (Rec)  - Players who may have played at school but are a bit rusty, and are looking to get back into netball

- People that have never played before, but are keen to play in a team

- Players that aren't massively bothered about winning or losing, but are more interested in playing fun, social sport

- Individuals looking to meet new people near where they live, and possibly doing a bit of exercise.
Intermediate, (Int) - Players that have a solid grasp of the rules, and fancy a slightly faster paced game

- Players that appreciate a slightly more competitive atmosphere but still want to have fun while playing 

- Players/teams that are winning their recreational leagues comfortably and want to move up to the next level
- Get your game face on! Players have a very solid grasp of the rules and have played regularly at school and/or University and could potentially play at club level

- Players that want a high standard of play without having to train 3 times a week. Emphasis is still on fun social netball, but with a higher level of competition, and played at a faster pace 

- For teams that are consistently winning their Intermediate leagues and want to step it up to the next level 


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"I hadn't played netball since school, and just fancied getting back into the sport. The recreational level was perfect for me. Everyone was super friendly, and there was a wide spread of abilities. Whilst some players wanted to win, the atmosphere wasn't super competitive and people weren't crying if they lost.." (Kelly, Hammersmith)

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"My netball team has been playing together in London for over 3 years now and are now having a lot of fun in the intermediate level Balham league. We have tried various organisations over the years but can honestly say GO Mammoth are by far the best all rounders as far as netball clubs go! The umpires are also very good at offering advice to better improve our play.
I can recommend GO Mammoth to anyone out there looking for a netball club, and it is a testament to them that we didn't even consider another club at the end of last season!" (Emma, London)

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