Weather Line

Stormy weather outside? Unsure if your fixture is on? Call the GO Mammoth Weather Line Hotline after 5pm - we're here to help!

Not sure if your match is on tonight due to bad weather?

It is very rare that bad weather causes our outdoor matches to be cancelled. This is the British Isles after all, and we're a hardy bunch! Whenever there is a cancellation, we always make up that week up by adding it to the end of the season schedule.

However, in the rare instance of a severe wet patch/hurricane conditions (!) we will do the following:

  • first and foremost we will update our weather hotline (07719 158488)
  • post an update on our social media channels - i.e. our Twitter feed (which shows up on the top of all of our website pages) and our Facebook page
  • text message all players in the league with vaild mobile numbers
  • email all players (if it's not too late in the day)

If you don't have access to the latter on the day, you can phone our Weather Line number which is noted below. Please save the number to your mobile phone just in case, and only call after 5pm on the day of your match. Otherwise call the general office number which is 0207 381 6034

Weather Line (after 5pm on match day only):

07719 158488

Please save to your mobile phone!