Our past, present & future

The story behind GO Mammoth - where we came from, who we are, and where we want to go.

The Story of GO Mammoth

A very, very long time ago... when there was lots of ice and woolly creatures roaming the lands... lived a mammoth. He used to be chased all the time by the hunters. Whilst it kept him trim and fit, it wasn’t very much fun. Spears and arrows used to hurt... but because he was quite a fast and clever mammoth, he managed to live to a fairly decent age. However, one very cold, harsh winter he died, and his body was frozen in the ice.

A few years later, in the early part of the 21st century, the humans came across the mammoth entombed in the ice. They thawed him out (with some of their new technology) and brought him back to life, but this time they didn’t want to hunt him... Instead, they wanted to play football and other sports with him!

The mammoth was very pleased to have a second crack at life, and was even more pleased that his new life was so much more fun. He and the humans even went down to the watering hole together after they played, and became great friends. 


Our Mammoth Mission

"To be the most social and fun sports club in the land"


Our Mammoth Values

We aim to achieve our mission by focusing on our 6 core values:

  1. GO 'Mammoth', or go home!
  2. The sweet is never as sweet without the bitter
  3. Surf our own wave - whichever beach that might take us to
  4. Love our mammoth customers and create the club in their image
  5. Amazing team work (plain and simple)
  6. Remember to... Enjoy It! (our work & life that is!) (that's actually #1, but don't tell anyone)
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