As London's most largest recreational softball leagues, GO Mammoth provides all the equipment, qualified softball officials for every match, online standings and fixtures, and an unbeatable social scene. We offer indoor and outdoor softball leagues at convenient London venues all year round, so join the softball fun today and make a heap of new friends!


Join as an Individual

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Half of our members join as individuals and don't know anyone else when they begin, so you're in great company! We'll place you into a team with others like you who are looking to keep fit and have fun.


Join as a small group

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Enter as an individual then in the checkout you can let us know that you're joining with friends. We'll then place you in the same team. Simple!


Join as a Team

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With indoor leagues in the Winter months and outdoor softball through the Spring/Summer, you'll be sure to find a softball london league and level that's just right for you and your team.

“I joined as an individual and have loved it. I had just moved to the area and wanted to meet new people. My team was really friendly, everyone was there to have fun and get some exercise. I’ve made some great friends through it.”
– Karen 28, From East London

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Falcon Park

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softball in Falcon Park

Regents Park

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softball in Regents Park

Shepherds Bush

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softball in Shoreditch

Wandsworth Common

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Whitechapel Station

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softball in Whitechapel Station

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How to get started

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1. First choose from one of the leagues across London above
2. Choose to enter a team or enter as an individual (or as a small group eg 2-3) & we’ll place you in an team.
3. Enter your details and pay for your softball league online.

Levels of play

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GO Mammoth offers a range of softball leagues at a variety of skill levels from recreational to competitive, we cater to all levels, so you’ll be sure to find a league that matches your skill.

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Remind yourself of our football rules and how we format our leagues with this useful printable rules guide.  Read Rules Here

Formats & Team Sizes

  • Outdoor – on the field – 10 players (mixed)
  • Indoor – on the field – 8 players (mixed)
  • Recommended squad size – 10-15 players

We love softball here at Go Mammoth and we think you’ll love playing in our softball leagues too. If you’re still not convinced here’s 10 great reasons to join one of our softball clubs today:

  1. All equipment provided – No need to bring anything to the pitch, we’ll provide you with everything you need to play in our softball leagues!
  2. Qualified umpires – We have the only softball leagues in London that provide proper officiating. There will be qualified umpires at each and every one of your softball games.
  3. Top-notch venues – We have great venues across the capital. Be sure to check out the list of London leagues before registering to find a softball club near you.
  4. Indoor and outdoor – We have both indoor and outdoor softball clubs across London so you can beat the weather by selecting one of our indoor softball leagues.
  5. Individuals welcome – Can’t find a softball team to play with? Not a problem – just join us as an individual and we’ll find a team for you. All of our softball leagues are friendly and fun so you’ll fit right in!
  6. Affordable – Playing Softball is a low cost way to stay in shape. Compared to the prices of gym memberships, the softball leagues are very affordable!
  7. Beginners welcome – Haven’t played softball before? Its okay, beginners are always welcome! Unlike other softball clubs in London we don’t expect you to have played before or even know the rules of softball to join our leagues. Just read up on the basics before you come and our friendly, professional umpires will help you understand the game!
  8. Great prizes– We give out prizes! If your softball team wins any of our London leagues, you’ll automatically win a prize.
  9. Meet new people – Playing in one of our mixed softball leagues is a great way to meet new people around London. Although some games can get competitive, at the end of the day we’re all here to have fun after a long day of work!
  10. Social events – Here at GO Mammoth, we’re all about having fun. Whether we’re on the Softball pitch or at one of the mammoth sponsored bar events, everyone is always having a great time!

“All kinds of fun.. I was looking for a fun sports league combined with a social atmosphere and go mammoth offered just that”(Jillian) 256 Customers rated Go Mammoth5stars

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