GO Mammoth Outdoor Softball Rules

Game Timings:

All games are four innings or 40 minutes. The umpire will enforce all timings rules and cannot be argued with. If a game is tied at the end of four innings, extra innings will be played only if there is time. Note: Due to differing circumstances in each and every game, some games will finish short 40mins in length, while others might run over the fixture time. Please respect your ump’s call in this matter. He/she must keep all games on time in fairness to teams playing later hours and due to extenuating circumstances (light, weather etc.).

Team size/format:

10 players (at least 4 females) in the field at all times. GO Mammoth rules will allow a team to play with a minimum of 8 players (at least 2 females). If only 2 women are present at game time, each woman must bat twice in the first 10 batters.

Batting orders

All players in the field must be listed in the batting order. There are no designated hitters allowed. Any attempt at doing so must be brought to the attention of the umpire prior to game time and can only be deemed allowable by the opposing captain. There are no guy-girl batting order rules – as long as all players bat and the rules in point 2 are adhered to – i.e. if only 2 women are present they must bat twice in the first 10 batters.

Run mercy rule:

If a team hits 10 runs in any one innings without reaching 3 outs the sides will switch automatically – this is to allow teams equal opportunities with the bat.


If a team has less than the minimum required number of players (including minimum number of females) it is up to the opposing captain and/or umpire as to what is allowable. If a forfeit is called by the opposing captain we will always try and play a friendly game in the time left.

Teams have until 15 minutes past the start time to field a legal team (8 total – 2 females), after 15 minutes the opposing captain has the choice to call the game or play the shortened team. The umpire must be notified of the decision before the game starts – if the shortened team is played as a legal game the result will stand whatever the outcome.


If a team is short in the run up to game day, ringers can be obtained through the ‘ringer’s database’ on the GO Mammoth website If a team is short at game time (due to no-shows etc.) and there are available players on the side lines they may be drafted into the team at the agreement of the opposing  captain (in order to field a complete team). They must be added to the batting line up at the start of the game and may not be switched during play.

N.B – Ringers are not allowed during the play offs/ finals.

Captain’s duties:

Captains must make themselves known at the start of each game – if the actual captain is away one week a stand in captain must be appointed and take over the duties for that week. Captains must ensure that their team is listed on the batting order before the game starts (adhering to rules above) and present their order to the opposing captain and umpire. Batting orders/score sheets can be obtained from the umpire. Captains must designate a player (or 2 players) to score the game – each team will be in charge of scoring their own innings – scores will be verified with the opposing team’s scorer and the umpire so absolutely no cheating!!

GO Mammoth reserves the right to change or modify these rules on a case by case basis, if necessary


GO Mammoth Indoor Softball Rules

Game Timings

Games are 4 x 5 minute innings, with 1 minute change over time between innings.

Games will start on time so please arrive early for your game and ready to start.

Team Size and Ringers

Teams consist of 8 players on the field, however you can bat extra players if you have subs. No more than 8 in the field. Ringers can be used in the regular season (not play offs/finals) providing a team has at least 5 of their original line up. If a team does not have 5 original players, it is up to the opposition if the game is ‘legal’. If the opposition force a forfeit, then we will still play a friendly regardless.

Male / Female Ratio

All teams must field a defensive team of 4 men and 4 women. There are NO restrictions on where players are to be positioned. Additional players can be added to the batting line-up as long as male and female batters are alternated. You can have one additional male or female batter at the end of the line-up (which means that at one point two men (or women) bat in


Scoring Note

There is often some confusion around the correct scoring in the situation where the batter runner has safely reached 1st but continues past, either immediately or after stopping at 1st and is tagged out before reaching a successive base. In this case the runner should score -1 and no positive points should be awarded for any bases successfully reached prior to being tagged out.

Fake bunts / slash bunts / chopping

NOT allowed. If a batter does any of the above ‘dead ball’ will be called and the batter is out.


Indoor sessions are generally conducted in a positive and good-spirited manner by all involved. It is important that we keep it that way. Indoor umpires should always be treated with respect – so please ensure that your team conducts itself appropriately. No umpire minds being asked what they saw or having their interpretation discussed if it’s done in the right way. But please remember, even if you think you know better, their decision is final.

Catch off the nets

The side nets are live, and a ball caught off the net (without first touching the ground) is an out. If  a ball hit into the nets hits a flat surface (ledge) it can no longer be caught and is simply a live ball.

Ball hit through the nets

While there are very few gaps in the netting at the new venue, where a ball is hit through the net and passes outside the court a single is awarded to the batter.

Live / Dead Ball Area

There will be a line or marking to designate the area that is live going forward and dead going back. This line may be in front or behind the home plate (depending on court used).


A catch (out) can be made from a ball that hits the ceiling. If the ball is not caught it is simply a live ball.

Home Run

There will be a line in all courts used that designates that anything hit on or below will be a HR, anything hit above is simply a live ball.



We strongly advise against sliding and diving and would suggest that players play in long track bottoms or similar (not shorts).


At Play on Sports the surround is made up entirely of tension netting. Please take care when overrunning bases (particularly 1st) and when attempting to make a catch off the netting, to not become caught in the netting.


No jewellery is allowed on any visible part of the body. If umpires see any jewellery, they should ask the player to remove it. If it is not easily removable, it should be taped over.