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Workplace Mindfulness & Meditation Programmes

As the UK’s largest corporate wellbeing provider, GO Mammoth Corporate Mindfulness includes a range of proven mental health initiatives for workplaces of all shapes and sizes-  from introductory 8 week mindfulness courses to weekly onsite meditation classes.

All mental health programmes are fully bespoke, customised to the office space, demographic and company environment you have internally. GO Mammoth corporate mindfulness programmes can be complimented by any other GO Mammoth physical wellbeing programmes including Pilates, Yoga, Boxfit or other wellness activities.

Mindfulness Courses

Meditation Classes

Benefits at work of Mindfulness & Meditation

Increased levels of attention & focus

Alleviates work-related stress and anxiety

Improves communication and relationships

What is Mindfulness?

A simple form of meditation enabling your mind to be completely focused on the present moment.

Uses the breath as an object of concentration

It encourages awareness of what you are doing and where you are at each moment of the day to ensure you are living life to the full!

Mindfulness Course

    8 week foundation course              Max group size 20              60min  sessions

Fully accredited mindfulness teachers

Mix of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)

Body scan – during the introductory session or the first week of 8 week programme

Breathing training – learning how to return to the present moment

Mind-body connection

Mindfulness movement


Day to day life mindfulness practices

Life and work balance

Overcoming current difficulties

Meditation Classes

Morning, lunch or evening classes

Fully-managed & qualified meditation teachers

HR engagement portal to track behaviour

Why should we meditate regularly?

It allows our minds to be prepared for any issues in our daily life

Leads to a calm, stable mind

Reduces stress

Increases concentration and mental focus

Increases happiness

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Matthew Scott
HR Compensations & Benefits Director
L’Oreal UK & Ireland

“GO Mammoth provides a very refreshing and quick way to get staff active and healthy. It’s a completely out-sourced wellness solution which appeals to a very wide audience in any corporate demographic. Highly recommended and it’s a pleasure to work with their team”

Louise Duporte
Learning & Development Coordinator
Hobbs London

“They take the time to truly understand their target market and build very relevant and engaging team wellness programmes for that audience. They’re incredibly passionate and strive to ensure that teams are having a great time – the office can’t stop raving about them!”

Liz Toni - Maxus Global

Liz Toni
Group EA to Global CEO
Maxus Global

“We’re incredibly pleased with Go Mammoth’s approach to running our outdoor team wellness activities. They understand exactly how to create fun, active and motivating experiences for our staff every time. Brilliant account managers too!!”