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Corporate Events London & Team Building Days

As the UK’s largest provider of outdoor and indoor corporate sports events, we understand the importance of teams having fun, staying fit and being physically and mentally healthy. We run corporate events & team building events across London and the UK with huge success.

Our aim is to provide companies with everything they need to help improve their workforce through fitness, health and fun.
We are also the first company in the UK to offer end-to-end employee wellness programs, where we create bespoke fitness programs, sports and social events and year-round team-building events & corporate events across London and the UK.
What’s more… You don’t have to lift a finger. We have everything covered. From equipment to instructors to technology, tools and reporting. Find out more about our Employee Wellness Programs here.
With our solid foundation in the delivery of nationwide social sports events, we have built on our strong reputation in the industry by creating a passionate, skilled and focused team dedicated getting the UK workforce healthier.
The benefit of this to your organisation? More engaged colleagues, reduced team turnover, improved morale and productivity and an overall decrease in sick days.
Our motto “Employee health increases company wealth” is strongly built into our core beliefs.
Give us a call today to find out what GO Mammoth can do for your team!