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Unlimited membership – any class, any venue £39 per month! – More Info

Clapham - Manor (Studio)

Wednesday7:45pm - 8:45pm
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  1. 1hr classes run by the best Zumba instructors
  2. All fitness/ability levels (no prior experience)
  3. Boost metabolism, destress and have fun!
  4. Burn 600 to 1000 calories in a single class
  5. Learn to dance in the most fun workout there is!
  6. All equipment provided

Unlimited Membership Explained

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  • Unlimited classes per week
  • Any class, any venue
  • Choose from 60+ classes each week
  • Online class calendar
  • Choose your first class and get started today!
  • £39 per month (£9 per week!)

Flexible Membership Explained

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  • One class per week
  • Any class, any venue
  • Choose from 60+ classes each week
  • Online class calendar
  • Choose your first class and get started today!
  • £33 per month
  1. The most social – Enjoy working out with friends? Most ladies prefer a social workout. Having the ability to chat and socialise with likeminded people during your Zumba class makes it one of the most enjoyable fitness classes in London.
  2. Fantastic instructors – We have searched high and low, for the best Zumba instructors possible. These guys really make Zumba fitness fun, and make this one of the best exercise classes in London.
  3. Get fit – Why not actually enjoy fitness by getting involved with a London dance class? An hour Zumba class fly’s by. Before you know it you have had a very enjoyable hours long cardio workout, and found an easy way to lose weight.
  4. The best music – To make the London Zumba classes even more enjoyable, we have the latest and most effective music to enhance your Zumba class, fitness and overall enjoyment.
  5. Flexible – Our monthly Zumba memberships are designed specifically so people don’t have to sign up to long gym memberships. You can cancel your membership at any time simply by calling the Fitness Team on 0207 381 6034
  6. Meet new people – We do all we can to make these Zumba classes as social as possible so you can meet many new people with similar interests. You can join on your own, or with friends.
  7. No experience necessary – Beginners are always welcome.
  8. The best venues – We are starting up Zumba classes in the most convenient venues all over London. Whether North or South London, we will try and find a gym in London near you.
  9. Wellness challenge – if you fancy a challenge, try the Mammoth Fit nutrition and lifestyle plan, with simple and realistic guidelines to follow and get you trim in no time.
  10. Mammoth extra’s – Once you are getting fit in our London Zumba classes, you are part of “Go Mammoth”. You will receive a free Go Mammoth top and discounted food/drinks at the venues sponsor bar.
“Really friendly staff, super fast and organised online” 256 Customers rated Go Mammoth 5 stars

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