Tuesday - Men's - Recreational

Games between 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Level of play Recreational
Duration 10-12 weeks
Start Date 02/07/2024
£11.30 p/wk
£8.60 p/wk*
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Wednesday - Men's - Intermediate

Games between 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Level of play Intermediate
Duration 12 weeks
Start Date 03/07/2024
£12.10 p/wk
£9.20 p/wk*

Thursday - Mens - Recreational

Games between 8.00pm - 10.00pm
Level of play Recreational
Duration 8-9 weeks
Start Date 04/07/2024
£10.00 p/wk
£7.70 p/wk*
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*Team price estimates are based on a 9 person squad

Venue Information


Harris Academy St Johns Wood
Marlborough Hill

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Venue Map

Venue Directions

Turn right out of St John's Wood Station onto Finchley Road/A41. Follow the road up and the sports centre entrance will be on the left hand side. ** Access only on Finchley Road/A41 **

Levels of play



  • Perfect for those who have had a few years off, or are looking to try a new sport.
  • It is ideal for helping you to get back into the game, or learning and improve your skills.
  • At recreational level you get a good standard of competition in which to learn new skills and tactics from friends and opponents whilst still competing in a fully officiated environment.



  • Get your game face on and get in the zone! This level is for those players who ‘have played quite a bit in the past’ – think school, university, club play.
  • Players tend to have solid knowledge of rules and tactics and as such expect to face some high quality competition.
  • This is a great level for teams who thrive on the pure competition of sport and want to begin their journey towards becoming professional legends!



  • Invite only (i.e. GO Mammoth will invite your team to participate in this exclusive league if we think you have what it takes – usually this means your team would have won multiple leagues).
  • Designed for the “best of the best” , the cream of the crop, the equivalent of the NBA for GO Mammoth. Takes place on the best basketball courts in the country!
  • Does your team have what it takes to become Champions?

League details

Whats included

  • Weekly games over 8 - 12 week period (see Duration above)
  • 4​0 minute total fixture length - minimum 17 minute halves​
  • Qualified basketball referees and table official for each match
  • All equipment provided
  • Up to date league fixtures and standings online
  • Awesome prizes for league winners
  • Special deals at our partner bar after every game
Recommended squad size = 10
Read basketball rules here

What the players say