GO Mammoth’s Top 40 Sports Bars & Pubs Awards

Central London


The Globe

The globe marylebone

Location: Marylebone

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“For A Traditional Pub Experience. The stereotypical vision of a London pub is realised in the form of The Globe.”


The stereotypical vision of a London pub is realised in the form of The Globe. It’s got charm and character, pub grub staples like fish and chips and an intoxication selection of very dark and drinkable real ales.

A few of Britain’s greatest writers were patrons of this place – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens were regulars. When live football games at shown at this pub, although there’s now no chance of rubbing shoulders with these literary greats, you can still expect to meet a series of interesting characters.


The Porterhouse

The globe marylebone
Location: Covent Garden

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“To check out the biggest bar in the whole of London. Great atmosphere and experience!


This cavernous bar from Ireland’s Porterhouse brewery London’s biggest. Set over 12 floors, this labyrinth of a bar is one won’t quickly forget…especially if you have to carry a tray of drinks all the way to your table on the top floor!

When the pub shows the big games, the atmosphere is electric as you’ll generally be rubbing shoulders from fans for across the globe. If you’ve recently moved to London and are a fan of sport, this place is a must-visit.


The Bowler

The globe marylebone
Location: Clerkenwell

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“Great football atmosphere in a cosy location. Ideal for any big football fan to watch a game!



If you work in the centre of town and are in the mood for a couple of quiet after-work drinks with a couple of colleagues, look no further that The Bowler, a quiet, cosy pub tucked behind the busy sprawl of Farringdon Road.

The best fan atmosphere can be found at The Bowler during the mid-week European football games; the pub’s quiet and cosy dining room regularly transforms into a cauldron of noise.


Camel & Artichoke

The globe marylebone
Location: Waterloo

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“To check out the odd mannequins. Really quirky and you’ll like it if you have an interest in decor!


This charismatic pub tucked behind Waterloo train station is wonderfully eccentric. helmet-wearing mannequins peer down from a shelf above the bar, but don’t bother looking for either a camel or an artichoke – neither are to be found within the bar nor in the food menu.

The Camel & Artichoke is definitely after-work hit with Southwark’s workforce, due to its proximity to Waterloo station (therefore easy to get home from) cosy and convivial atmosphere and the fact you can sit at the bar to watch live sport.


One Tun

The globe marylebone
Location: Fitzrovia

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“Lively crowd in a well refurbed sports pub. Lively post-work pub for a few beers after a long day!


Once a upon a time, this West End sports bar used to be a pretty nondescript kind of place, but a recent refurb has given One Tun a much needed shot in the arm. Now you can expect a lively-post-5pm after-work clientele and a decent selection of craft beer and ale.

If you’re heading to this pub to watch a mid-week match, get there early, as tables fill up quickly and the queue for the bar can become lengthy, but all in all, The One Tun is a top locale to catch up with some mates and catch a bit of live sport.


Sports Bar & Grill

The globe marylebone

Location: Across London

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“Big match day atmosphere. The place to go if you love sport, beer and food.


If you like your brand lagers, burgers and big screens showing sport 24/7, the Sports Bar & Grill chain in London is the place for you. Their Farringdon venue is our personal favourite as the atmosphere during Champions League nights is raucous.

However when the NFL comes to London, there is only one place to watch the action to get the true game-day experience (if you’re not watching within Wembley) and that’s at the Sports Bar & Grill Piccadilly Circus venue. You won’t regret it.


The Maple Leaf

The globe marylebone
Location: Covent Garden

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“To drink the Legendary honey brown ale from the Sleeman Brewery. One of the few bars in the capital to serve it!


Head to this raucous Canadian sports bar in Covent Garden to enjoy incredible matchday atmosphere and a cool pint of Honey Brown Ale – one of the few bars in capital to serve this tasty tipple from the Sleeman brewery.

The Canadian ex-pats in attendance are generally very passionate about their live sport, especially when the ice hockey is being shown.


The Windmill

The globe marylebone

Location: The Cut, Waterloo

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To watch the big game in a relaxed environment. A theatre-loving crowd.


Situated yards away from both The Old Vic and The Young Vic theatres, this pub attracts a theatre-loving crowd. Portraits of famous actors line walls, while you also can expect to see a famous thesp or two in the flesh within this popular pub.

Both The Windmill’s front and back bars offer a relaxed atmosphere to watch live sport; if you’re a fan of watching sport in a more laid-back environment, this could be the bar for you.


South London


The Regent

The globe marylebone

Location: Balham

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For a fantastic 6 Nations rugby atmosphere. Great for a roast dinner too!


Many Balham-ites hold The Regent dear to their hearts. It’s a handsome pub filled with inviting leather banquette booths – a perfect place for whiling away a Sunday afternoon with a drink or two and a roast dinner.

Sunday afternoons at The Regent are also lively during 6 Nations rugby weekends. Expect to drink, cheer, celebrate and commiserate in the company of patriotic fans from all six participating countries.


The Effra Hall Tavern

The globe marylebone

Location: Brixton

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For a fantastic 6 Nations rugby atmosphere. Great for a roast dinner too!


Brixton’s famous melting pot of cultures can be experienced under one roof at Effra Hall – a truly cosmopolitan boozer that retains the charm of a traditional local pub.

There aren’t many other places in the capital where you can watch live jazz and reggae one night and a Premier League football game the next. The Effra Hall Tavern is a London experience not to be missed.


The Pilgrim

The globe marylebone

Location: Kennington

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To watch sport with a cricket crowd. Great atmosphere on cricket days and very close to the famous Oval ground.


Just a stone’s throw (albeit a fairly long one!) away from the famous Oval cricket ground lies The Pilgrim – a local pub popular with Surrey and England cricket fans during Test Matches/One Day Internationals. If there’s live cricket on the telly, the Pilgrim team will be showing it – they also show all of the key Premier League football fixtures.

Another fun fact – the pub is also located close to the Beefeater distillery, so it’s appropriate that The Pilgrim team know how to make a mean gin and tonic. Give one a go!


The Avalon

The globe marylebone

Location: Clapham South

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To hang out in one of the biggest pub gardens in London. Perfect place for a Saturday afternoon in the sun.


The Avalon boasts one of the biggest pub gardens in all of the capital, making it a perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon during the summer with a few friends.

This pub is also a great spot to watch some live sport, but here’s a top tip – the best view of the screens can be found from the sofas to the right of the main entrance. You can thank us later!


The Woodman

The globe marylebone
Location: Wimbledon

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If a food challenge is your thing then this is the place for you. Take on the mammoth Trash Can food challenge!


If you like your idea of heaven is sitting in front of a big screen showing football, with a plate full of flame-grilled ribs, then you’ll soon be worshipping The Woodman. This place is a mecca to meat is a lot of fun

The hungry and the foolish regularly take on the Trash Can Challenge at THe Woodman. If you can devour a rack of ribs, a mixed grill burger, a pulled pork nacho, sundae, chicken strips, onion rings, corn on the cob and triple portion of chips, (we got tired just listing all of these items, let alone eating them!) you’ll get your photo on the pub’s “Wall of Flame”.


The Ship

The globe marylebone

Location: Wandsworth

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To drink in the pub’s famous riverside terrace. Great place for a Sunday too, very lively!


There are many urban legends about this insanely popular South West London haunt, but what we do know for certain is that it’s a popular locale for sports club members. Expect to drink in the company of netball, basketball and football players if you choose to sit outside on its ever-popular riverside terrace.

The Ship is also a popular rugby haunt, meaning you can always expect a raucous atmosphere during England internationals. All in all, definitely a pub not to be missed!


The Northcote

The globe marylebone

Location: Battersea

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Top football and rugby match day atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit on a big match day!


Whether you visit to The Northcote to watch a rugby international or a Premier League football game, you’re guaranteed a great drinks selection, top pub grub and a fantastic atmosphere generated from Battersea’s twenty & thirty-somethings.

Be warned though, this place does get busy very quickly, especially on a match day, so arrive early to secure a table.


The Tiger

The globe marylebone
Location: Camberwell

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To experience one of London’s best local nights out. Open till late with great music too!


This tiger certainly has its claws into Camberwell’s local residents. It has become renowned for its, quite frankly, awesome Friday and Saturday late night openings, which sees DJs spinning their vinyl until half three in the morning.

But Sunday afternoons at The Tiger are also not to be missed. Sitting back on a leather banquette with one of their delicious roast dinners, while watching one of the afternoon sports games is a most pleasurable experience.


East London


The Water Poet

The globe marylebone

Location: Spitalfields

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Great pub for people watching. Energetic crowd with the combo of city workers and Shoreditch creatives


This Water Poet’s fairly small front bar belies the true scale of this pub as you’ll soon discover a series of other rooms and spaces to enjoy a pint, a game of pool and a packet of crisps.

City workers mingle with Shoreditch creatives in this boozer – this combination makes for an eclectic and energetic crowd when live football is shown on the screens. All in all, a great pub for people watching.


Bar Kick

The globe marylebone

Location: Shoreditch

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To take on East London at table football. London’s kings of the game regularly do battle here!


This light and airy sports bar has been a staple of Shoreditch High Street for 15 years now and it’s easy to see why its popularity hasn’t waned since 2001. Essentially, Bar Kick does most things right: it has a fairly healthy selection of beer, great-tasting finger food and all sightlines covered for live sport, thanks to the quantity of HD screens around the venue.

It’s also famous for table football – London’s kings of the game regularly do battle at Bar Kick meaning that the bar is always filled with screams of glory and groans of despair, even when live football isn’t being shown. Just remember the one golden rule when playing table football – no spinning!


Pub on The Park

The globe marylebone

Location: Victoria Park

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To experience one of East London’s best garden terraces overlooking Victoria Park.


This pub’s defining feature is its terrace which sits opposite the serene and handsome vista of Victoria Park and in the summer the park’s recreational sports players regularly flock here after their matches for a post-match pint and a glass of wine.

This buzzing boozer really comes alive when live sport is being shown. Projector screens outside on the terrace draw in the masses during summer, while in the winter everyone huddles inside to watch the big game, creating a lively atmosphere.


The Albion

The globe marylebone

Location: Haggerston

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To check out West Brom’s home away from home. It’s a wonderfully authentic Boozer!


If you’re a West Bromwich Albion football club fan living in London, this shrine to the Baggies will fast become your home away from home. Memorabilia signed by players past and present adorns every corner of this pub, while the pub’s charming and charismatic owner will share one of his many memorable tales of the Birmingham club if you sit at the bar for a chat.

It’s a wonderfully authentic boozer, usually full with Haggerston’s local characters, and of course, West Brom fans. A couple of interesting ales on tap, good pub grub and plenty of screens for the football make this a great place to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon


The Bat & Ball

The globe marylebone
Location: Stratford

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To play a few rounds of Ping Pong after watching the game. Plenty of room available.


Although this bar resembles somewhat of an upmarket Student Union, it’s very easy to while away several hours at this fun table tennis joint. It’s spacious, it’s q and you don’t have to queue for long to get a drink at the bar during busy periods. Oh and never mind ping pong, on certain evenings you can also test your skill (and your stomach) at beer pong.

The Bat & Ball is housed within the Westfield Stratford City complex, making it a great venue to spend a weekend afternoon watching a live sports game after you’ve spent the morning shopping.



The globe marylebone
Location: Dalston

corporate wellness

Experience one of London’s most exciting live music venues. Lively day venue for sports too.


This place has fast become one of London’s foremost live music venues; most weekends you can expect to discover talented artists you may have not heard about before. And when a buzzy, critically-lauded talent makes a scheduled appearance, you can expect the Shacklewell to be bursting at its brick-lined seams.

But although many flock here for the music, by day, it’s also a lively place to come and watch football during the weekend. With a regularly changing selection of real ales at at the bar, and all the key fixtures shown on the telly screens, this is a must-visit pub for any beer-loving football fan.


The Lauriston

The globe marylebone

Location: Hackney

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Eat one of the best pub pizzas in London. Pints, pizza, Pub quizzes and Performances.


The Lauriston is a pub obsessed with perfecting their service of the Ps: pints, pizza, performances, pub quizzes and plenty of live sport screenings (ok so we cheated a bit on that last one!).

We’re pleased to report it does all of the above very well indeed, which is why we recommend it wholeheartedly as a fantastic place to watch live sport. Oh and if you’re not squeamish of seafood you should order the baby octopus pizza; that dish is fire!


Jackdaw & Star

The globe marylebone
Location: Homerton

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The Sunday roasts are the stuff of legend. Giant yorkshire puddings anyone? It’s a must try!


On the corner of Homerton High Street and Crozier Terrace lies this inimitable gem of a boozer that has charm in spades. Friday and Saturday nights are big at the Jackdaw – drinks are served and vinyl is spun until 2am in the morning.

But we’d recommend heading down on a Sunday afternoon to watch the live football fixtures on the screens, while having one of their Sunday roasts. We’re particularly fond of their Yorkshire puddings which are the size of a child’s face!


North London


The Enterprise

The globe marylebone

Location: Camden

corporate wellness

Live music – either upstairs or down the road at The Roundhouse. Recent new refurbishment too!


A few metres away from one of London’s most famous live music venues – the Roundhouse – lies The Enterprise, a pub that houses a live music space of its own on its top floor.

A stalwart of the Camden pub scene, The Enterprise has been serving punters since 1871 – its recent refurb will give it a new lease of life that we’re sure will continue to delight customers for years to come.


Famous Cock

The globe marylebone

Location: Islington

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To drink with Arsenal fans on home match days, truly a great atmosphere for football fans.


Situated adjacent to Highbury & Islington station, this pub is beloved by Arsenal fans, which means you can expect a great atmosphere on match days.

Plus we’ll never get bored of this pub’s fantastic name? What else.


The Faltering Fullback

The globe marylebone

Location: Finsbury Park

corporate wellness

One of the best pub quizzes in London. Great Irish pub with great selection of ales.


Finsbury Park residents won’t hear a bad word said about this place – there’s nothing that is faltering about their pub. To be fair, they have a point, this Irish pub has a lot going for it.

A good selection of ales, live sport screenings, great Thai food and one of the best pub quizzes in town all combine to make The Faltering Fullback a pub that you’ll still want to hang out in after the sport has finished.


World’s End

The globe marylebone

Location: Finsbury Park

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Seriously good pub desserts. Great lager and wine selection. Top tip: Try the chocolate brownie!


If the world was indeed ending, we would happily spend our last few hours at the World’s End; a very enjoyable pub that holds no airs and graces.

But what it does have is a great lager and wine selection, table football and some of the best pub desserts we’ve ever laid our lips on.

Come for the live sport, order the chocolate brownie!


White Hart

The globe marylebone

Location: Stoke Newington

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To enjoy one of the best beer gardens in North London with plenty of space!


At the west end of Stoke Newington’s well-heeled Church Street, you’ll find the White Hart, a pub that remains a firm favourite with local residents.

The star attraction here is undoubtedly the spacious bank garden, but if you’re more concerned about whether you’re going to get a seat for the live sport screenings, fear not, there are sofas aplenty here – comfy ones too!


The Abbey Tavern

The globe marylebone

Location: Kentish Town

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Real ale and a roof terrace. Kentish Town’s “Late night party pub”. Great place to watch sport over winter.


Keen to live up to its own billing as Kentish Town’s “late night party pub”, The Abbey Tavern always bangs out the tunes after 8pm on a Friday and Saturday, bringing in punters from across the Camden borough.

By day however it’s a different story. Punters sit out on the elegant roof terrace during the summer months, while in the colder months, football fans order real ale and sit huddled around the widescreen TVs to watch live sport.


Oxford Arms

The globe marylebone

Location: Camden

corporate wellness

Lively atmosphere that’s always vibrant on weekends. Great busy atmosphere.


The Oxford Arms is a traditional North London boozer that has never had a problem pulling in the crowds, especially when there’s a live game showing on their screens.

As this pub is located moments away from the famous Camden Lock market, you can expect to drink and watch sport alongside a diverse mix of people including market traders, tourists, creatives, musicians, artists and more.



The globe marylebone

Location: Wood Green

corporate wellness

Easy to get a drink at the bar even when it’s busy. Big projector screen which is perfect for live sports.


The first time we visited the Goose we didn’t expect from it, but this unassuming and cavernous pub is perfect for watching live sport.

Why? Well even when there’s a big game being shown and it’s packed with punters, there’s rarely a long queue for the bar and there’s always a good spot to perch or stand to watch the game. The same can’t be said for a lot of other sports pubs.


West London


The Pavilion

The globe marylebone

Location: Shepherd’s Bush

corporate wellness

Grilled food, charm and great atmosphere. Built in 1861, this place has true personality.


History lesson – this pub started life in 1861 as the Rifle Pavilion, named after the surrounding rifle ranges where volunteer units trained to counter a threatened French invasion.

Flash forward to 2016 and the rifle ranges have all but gone, as has The Pavilion’s other local landmark – BBC Television Centre. Although The Pavilion has lost some notable neighbours in the last century, it has gained a great reputation with local drinkers, local Queens Park Rangers fans and hungry folk looking for flame-grilled pub grub. Top pub!


The Cabbage Patch

The globe marylebone

Location: Twickenham

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To drink at one of the most famous rugby pubs in the country. Full of character on game day, highly recommend if you’re a rugby fan.


Many rugby union fans from across the country aim to pay a pilgrimage at least once to The Cabbage Patch and it’s easy to see why. On match days, fans in their open collar shirts pour out of the front door of this place singing, chanting and chatting with their fellow fans.

If you’re drinking at The Cabbage patch before heading to an international at Twickenham, heed the following warning: it’s so very easy to get swept away by the amazing atmosphere generated in this pub, so much so, that you may end up drinking much, much more than you had accounted for.

But look, don’t fear, as the 15 minute walk from the pub to the stadium will give you more than enough to sober up, right?


Famous Three Kings

The globe marylebone

Location: West Kensington

corporate wellness

Wild match day atmosphere. Reasonably priced beer with tasty burgers on offer. Definitely worth trying.


This no-nonsense pub next door to West Kensington is dedicated to providing a great live sport experience. A solid array of reasonably priced lagers and tasty burgers help to draw in the football fan fraternity.

And what a fraternity they are. Big football matches at the Famous Three Kings are a wild, boisterous affair. Fans watching the games from both sides live every pass, foul, goal and contentious referee decision. It’s a lot of fun.


The Orange Tree

The globe marylebone

Location: Richmond

corporate wellness

Relaxed rugby pub with a brilliant wine selection. A unique sports screening experience.


If you like watching sport with a good glass of wine or prosecco and a quality scotch egg in a relaxed environment, head to The Orange Tree in Richmond for a unique live sport screening experience.

Known in Richmond as being a destination pub to watch the rugby internationals, The Orange Tree is a vibrant affair on match days, but unlike rugby destination pubs, you’ll meet and mingle with a more eclectic mix of patrons.


The Mason’s Arms

The globe marylebone

Location: Kensal Green

corporate wellness

Attractive 19th Century boozer with an awesome roast chicken Sunday lunch.


Some pubs just have a indescribable “feel”- sometimes you can’t put your finger on what’s good or bad about it. With this one, it’s hard to articulate why we love it so much. Perhaps it’s the understated, yet attractive decor or potentially it’s the interesting array of people you’re drinking alongside. Or maybe it’s the succulent, moorish roast chicken Sunday lunch.

What we do know for certain is that The Mason’s Arms is one of the most warming, welcoming pubs we’ve ever watched live sport in. Give it a whirl!


The Salutation

The globe marylebone

Location: Hammersmith

corporate wellness

Best beer garden in Hammersmith. It’s also bang in the middle of town, perfect spot if you’re in the area.


There are a few decent drinking holes Hammersmith, but there is really only one choice to watch live sport in this part of the suburb and that’s The Salutation – a peach of a pub in the middle of town

This Hammersmith haven provides a welcome escape from the bustle of the busy King Street. Sitting in the Salutation’s garden with a pint in hand, it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of town. For a warm and welcoming salutation in this part of West London, head on here.


The Wheatsheaf

The globe marylebone

Location: Ealing

corporate wellness

The perfect Sunday hangover pub. One of the best “local” pubs to watch football on a Sunday.


Here’s a big call – The Wheatsheaf is our favourite pub in Ealing. Here’s an even bigger call – we reckon The Wheatsheaf is West London’s best “local” pub to watch football on a Sunday.

Okay, so now we better explain ourselves. Firstly, the team here are super friendly. There are quite a few cosy snugs within the pub and a top selection of pub food classics. Just imagine the scene, you’re hungover on a Sunday morning, you pick up the papers, meet a couple of mates, head to a cosy corner in The Wheatsheaf, leisurely sink a couple of drinks, watch the football and eat a roast before heading home ready to face the upcoming week. Sounds like bliss right?


The Crabtree

The globe marylebone

Location: Fulham

corporate wellness

To enjoy the most stunning riverside views in London. Also a great date night spot!


You’ll go to The Crabtree for the convivial atmosphere, the good, the live sport screenings and the great selection of ales, but when you recommend this pub to your friends and family, the first thing you’ll mention is the simply breathtaking riverside views from their back garden.

Located on the stretch of river between Hammersmith and Fulham, this lovely little pub doesn’t fail to impress. Yes this pub is great for watching live sport, but it’s also a great date night spot AND it’s great for a family meal. This is a good pub, a very good pub indeed!


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