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From £7 per week

Over 50% join not knowing anyone! We'll place you with similar players looking for a team

Small Group

From £7 per week

Not quite a team but 2-3 friends? Join as individuals & we'll keep you in the same team

Full Team

From £5 per week

With leagues across the city we'll help find a league that works for all your team mates

League info:

  • UK’s largest provider
  • Friendly umpires
  • Levels of play for all
  • All equipment
  • Awesome prizes
  • Post-match bar deals

Bath (Central)

netball in Bath (Central)
Format Day Level
LadiesTuerecreational (indoor)
Individual £7.80 p/w
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Team £5.20 p/w
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Bath (Combe Down)

netball in Bath (Combe Down)
Format Day Level
LadiesMonrecreational (indoor)
Individual £8.80 p/w
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Team £5.90 p/w
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  • 8 weeks of social sports. Fun fueled fitness with friends. All levels catered for.
  • Leagues typically last 8 weeks and happen at the same venue every week
  • Your game time will vary every week between allocated hrs eg. 7pm and 9pm eg. one week match could be 7pm, next week could 740pm, next week could 810pm etc. We try and give everyone a fair spread of early/mid/late start time across the full season
  • Your game (fixture) times will be sent out to you approx 1 week before the start date of the league
  • Players are able to miss weeks but it is recommended you find a friend/substitute to play instead of you if your team doesnt have enough to field a full team to avoid them incurring a forfeit

Registration process:

  • STEP 1: Select a convenient venue nearby on the night/level that works
  • STEP 2: You can enter any league as an individual, with a friend or two (a small group), or as full team (eg work colleagues or friends outside the office)
  • STEP 3: Pay for the full 8 weeks upfront and we’ll send your full league details 1 week before the league starts

Registration options:

  • Individual Entry– you pay for full season before the league starts eg £65 and then we’ll add you to another team of individuals looking for team-mates of a similar level (Remember 70% of all new members join like this not knowing anyone else!)
  • Small Group Entry – you have a friend or two, but not enough for a full team. You ALL enter as individuals but note down during registration process (Click “Joining with friends”) the names of your friends – and we’ll be sure to put your all in the same team!
  • Team Entry – a captain registers & pays for the whole team and then collects subs/monies back from team-mates. You can add as many players to your team as you wish. Team entry works out quite a lot cheaper per player than joining as individuals. Full payment is in advance rather than weekly to ensure teams are committed to playing every week

Formats: Ladies 7v7 ;  Mixed 7v7 (min 2 male players on court)
Recommended squad size: 10

Levels of play: GO Mammoth offers netball leagues at a variety of skill levels from recreational to competitive, we cater to all levels, so you’ll be sure to find a league that matches your skill.

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Remind yourself of the rules and how we format our leagues with this useful printable rules guide.
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If you’re not sure which position you want to play in check out our handy guide to help you decide.

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Many of us LOVE playing netball, we just need to find the best place to play Netball again. The Mammoth Netball leagues are the perfect place to start.

  1. Best Venues – We have searched Bath high and low to find you the most accessible, and highest qualitity Netball facilities. We also only use full sized Netball courts.
  2. Everyone Welcome – Whether you have never played netball before, currently play for a netball club, or just haven’t played since uni or school, the Mammoth Bath Netball leagues are available to all. Just check out our rules for playing netball in Bath.
  3. Social – All of our Netball matches in Bath are highly social. We pride ourselves on our social sport, so this is definitely the most fun Netball club in Bath.
  4. Mixed & Ladies Netball Leagues – We offer Netball leagues specifically for Ladies in Bath, but we also offer mixed Netball games for those men that also want to get involved.
  5. Low Cost – Playing Netball in Bath on a regular basis is definitely a low-cost way to stay in shape, which is also a lot more fun (and cheaper) than having to go to the gym.
  6. Outdoor and Indoor Netball – Most netball players have their preference between indoor or outdoor netball games. This does not matter, as we offer a variety of both so you can choose the exact Netball league in Bath that is right for you.
  7. Teams & Individuals – You can sign up to Mammoth Netball with your Netball team/friends/colleagues, but if no one else wants to play with you, you can also sign up on your own and we will add you to a Netball team of individuals 🙂
  8. Meet new people – Playing in one of our ladies or mixed netball leagues is a great way to meet new people. There’s a healthy amount of competition between our netball teams but at the end of the day everyone’s here to have fun.
  9. Everything is provided – Once you have signed up for your Bath Netball league, all you have to do is turn up and play Netball. The Netball ref’s and all equipment needed (bibs etc) is provided.
  10. Win prizes – The Netball team that wins all their Netball league will receive great prizes.

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