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Pilates in Clapham Lambeth
Pilates Clapham South
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Clapham Pilates

We have 4 venues available for Pilates in Clapham.

  • Pilates Clapham Lambeth
  • Pilates Clapham South
  • Pilates Clapham Junction
  • Pilates Clapham Manor

We cater for all skill levels and you can feel comfortable going into any class even if it’s your first time.

Our super friendly team will be there to ensure the class runs smoothly and you have the best experience possible.

Our pilates classes range in price. The price is dependant on if you take the once a week membership at £33 a month or unlimited classes for £39 a month.

Clapham is very lively and full of people wanting to improve their health through pilates, yoga, spin, the gym and more. We also have a range of yoga classes in Clapham that you may be interested in.

Our Pilates classes in Clapham are fully equipped Pilates studios located across Clapham, we ensure there is something for you.

Pilates is an exercise method that through a series of adaptable exercises on the mat and on specialised equipment focuses on creating a stable centre; joint mobility and stability; a fluid elongated spine; flowing functional movements and dynamic strength and flexibility, all of which work to restore the body to balance and to good functional movement whoever you are. The use of equipment and the way in which Pilates exercises and principles can be adapted make it a suitable method of exercise for everyone.

What is Pilates?

Restoring and balancing the body is key in today’s world. Many people work on a desk for 8 hours a day whilst others are on the go until they sleep. All of this activity (or inactivity) has an impact on your body in a negative way. Pilates tries to combat that in only 1-2 hours per week.

The Benefits of Pilates

  • Improved Joint Health
  • Increased Mobility
  • Better Balance
  • Increase in Core Strength
  • Improvement in Flexibility
  • Overall Improved Health

Go Mammoth is more than just your weekly Pilates class. We are a family that come together to enjoy social sports and fitness whilst having fun.

Clapham is one of our most vibrant areas and we have classes nearly every day through the board at Clapham.

Why not take a look at our other fitness classes in the area such as Yoga, Circuits, HIIT, Boxfit and more.

London is one of the best cities in the world for work, fun and social. Join one of our social sports leagues around London, meet new friends and get even more out of living the London life.

If you have any questions please contact us about any of our Clapham Pilates classes and schedules. Our friendly team will help you through the process.

All our Clapham Pilates classes can be paid via our £33 a month 1-class a week membership or the £39 unlimited classes per month membership.

We also have a 5-day money back guarantee, this means if you’re not happy with your class and want to cancel you can do so with a full refund within 5 days.

Our pilates classes use the best instructors, mats, equipment and studios. We have a range of times and places in Clapham for Pilates to ensure we cater for all.

You can join even if its your first ever Pilates class. We encourage everyone to join in on the fun and see the health benefits that Pilates brings.

Meet new friends in the vibrant Clapham area and enjoy getting healthier at the same time.

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