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     Fully accredited instructors


     All abilities welcome


    1 hr classes run by experts


    Develop a strong core


    Reduce back pain


    All equipment provided

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Multi Class Membership

£39 /month
  • Unlimited classes per week for £39 inclusive
  • Effectively only £3 p/class (if attending 3 p/w)
  • Choose from 60+ classes each week
  • Manage your classes online
  • No contract. Cancel any time
  • 5 day Money Back Guarantee

Single Class Membership

£33 /month
  • One class per week
  • Effectively only £7.50 p/class p/w
  • Swap to any class, at any time
  • No contract. Cancel at any time
  • 5 day Money Back Guarantee


  1. The most social – Enjoy working out with friends? Most ladies prefer a social workout. Having the ability to chat and socialise with likeminded people during your Pilates class makes it one of the most enjoyable exercise classes in London.
  2. The best instructors – Pilates classes london are normally either good or bad because of the instructor. We have handpicked the best of london’s pilates instructors, to ensure they make this the most worthwhile and enjoyable exercise class in London.
  3. Get toned abs – With fun and focused abdominal exercise classes we’ll ensure you your core muscles are are like washing boards!
  4. Flexible – Our monthly Pilates london memberships are designed specifically so people don’t have to sign up to long gym memberships. You can cancel at any time simply by calling the Fitness Team on 0207 381 6034
  5. Beginners welcome – The Pilates london classes are focused on all ability levels. Whether you do regular abdominal exercises or haven’t focused your time on that part of your body, the fitness classes will be suitable for you.
  6. Stress Release – After a hard day at work, exercise is the perfect way to forget about day to day stresses. Doing this exercise in a social class and enjoyable atmosphere will put your mind at rest and thoroughly relax you.
  7. Atmosphere – Great people, great instructors and the best music, the atmosphere makes these london exercise classes as good as they are.
  8. The best venues – We have huge selection of venues (see above) and are continually starting up new Pilates london classes in the most convenient venues all over London. Whether North or South London, we will try our best to offer a pilates london class near you.

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