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Mindfulness isn’t about sitting cross-legged on the floor and levitating like the pictures you may see in magazines. It’s about the conditioning of the mind and body to find a happier less stressed quality of life. People are much more able to thrive in the workplace and beyond, if they can remain focussed and objective, be responsive rather than reactive, show compassion to themselves and others as well as build trust with their colleagues and other stakeholders. Mindfulness training can be such a helpful tool to enable people to build these resources so that the 'doing' in their day becomes of greater quality of life.

Being Mindful means making every moment count. Like sportsmen getting in the zone, teams focussing on goals and objectives, or confidence when making a presentation. Our mindfulness classes let your staff experience ways to relax, feel a great sense of calm, foster a sense or worth and de-stress. The different practices and techniques achieve immediate results. Teams and individuals come away with the necessary tools and education to help make powerful lifestyle changes and ultimately increase their overall sense of wellbeing and increased productivity.



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