5 Greatest NBA Basketball Moments

5) Robert Horry hitting game-winning shots

            Robert Horry was a high draft choice but never panned out into a star. However, he embraced being a role player and hit huge shots for every team he played for.

Houston Rockets:          Game-winning jumper in Western Conference Finals and a crucial dunk in the NBA Finals

Los Angeles Lakers:      Game-clinching three-pointer in at least one game in four straight series which helped them win 2 titles(from the 01 Finals to 02 Western Conference Finals)

San Antonio Spurs:        Game-winning 3 in the final seconds of Finals game 5

 His heroics are engrained in my memory and you can enjoy them as well by watching this video


4) Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals (1995)

            This basketball series was the Pacers vs. the Knicks, Reggie vs. Spike Lee, both heated rivalries. Reggie Miller is one of the most prolific shooters in NBA history. Even with this knowledge, the game should have ended in a Knicks victory. However, there is no quit in Reggie.

            His first points came on a 3 pointer. The Pacers then put on the full court press and the inbounds pass fell softly into Reggie’s hands as a Knick hit the deck. He then turns and retreats to behind the 3 point line, where he knocks down another 3! The Knicks shockingly miss two free throws and a put back attempt when Reggie is fouled as he grabs the rebound and proceeds to knock down both free throws.

            End result=8 points in 8.9 seconds and a W for Reggie Miller and his Pacers


3) Game 5 of the Eastern Conference First Round (1989)

            The last 10 seconds of this game were hectic. Cleveland was supposed to win and with 3 seconds left, they were perfectly on track. The Cavs had taken the lead and it was the Bulls throw in with 3 seconds on the clock. The entire world knew who the ball was going to, yet the Cavs still could not stop Michael from getting it.

            After the catch, he immediately cut back towards the foul line. He hung in the air as Ehlo desperately skated by him, and calmy knocked down the jumper. With approximately 20,000 in attendance in silence, MJ gave a jumping fist-pump as Ehlo crumbles in despair in the background.


2) Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals (1987)

            Larry Bird had just got his shot blocked by a young Dennis Rodman and it was the Pistons throw in. The Pistons were up 1 point and had a timeout. The throw in was from the side, dangerously close to the Pistons basket. Instead of taking a timeout, Isiah Thomas tried for the quick throw in but was baited into a poor pass by Bird. Bird stole the pass, managed to stay in-bounds, and found Dennis Johnson cutting down the lane. The ensuing lay-in put the Celtics up and the pivotal win sets them up to advance to the NBA Finals.


1) Michael Jordan’s Final Shot (1998)

            Everyone has pretended that MJ never actually played for the Wizards, therefore his final shot was against the Jazz in the finals.

            The shot was a thing of beauty. In the final minute leading to it, MJ had hit a layup and played great defense. Jordan picked Karl Malone’s pocket and advanced the ball downcourt with a chance to win it. Jordan crossed over Russell so hard that he fell. He then knocked down the shot to put the Bulls up with only 5 seconds left.

            Further proving MJ’s clutch dominance was the fact that John Stockton could not knock down a good look from the top of the key. Commissioner Stern would label the Bulls a team for the ages during the trophy presentation.