What is the minimum time I can have a membership for?

You can have a membership for as little as one month.

At the point you decide to cancel we will turn off any future payments and let you know the date of your last class.

Is there a signing up fee or does the cost of the membership cover everything?

There is no signing up fee. The £33 (single class membership) or £39 multi class membership covers everything.

Does the monthly fee cover all classes in all locations?


The Multi Class Membership covers all classes in all areas. You can attend as many as you like.

However, with the Single Class Membership you can swap your one class to any other at any other location, but is capped at attending one class a week.

What do you mean by "Primary class"?

Your primary class is the class that you are guaranteed a space in every week, you do not need to re-book this class as it is done for you automatically.

This can be changed at any point by clicking on the My Classes tab in the My Account section.

Where can I find a full easy-to-view list of all the classes there are?

You can find this my clicking on the “fitness timetable” on the fitness dropdown menu or VIEW FITNESS TIMETABLE HERE

If I previously had 2 memberships am I automatically booked into both classes still?

No. You will be automatically booked in to your selected “primary class” and you must manually book into any other additional classes at the beginning of each week.

I'm going away on holiday - can I freeze my membership?

Yes – you can freeze your membership for a minimum of 2 weeks by giving one weeks notice, along with appropriate supporting documentation, ie; a screenshot of holiday flights or doctors note etc. Just email fitness@gomammoth.co.uk and they will arrange a refund for the missed period.

How does Single Class Membership work?

Gives you access to an one class per week.

You will always be guaranteed your spot in this class.

You can also swap to other classes via our online class management system.

On the single class membership can I still change my classes if I want to?

Yes. If you have a single class membership, you are able to swap your class into any other (permanently or temporarily) via your Control Panel

By when do I need to make the swap if I want to change my class?

You must swap your class before the class you were booked into takes place.

This is so somebody else can have the option to attend instead of you.

You will not be able to swap your class if you have not attended and the class has now passed.

If you miss a class on the single class membership can you do two the following week?

If you are going to miss your class you must attend another class in the same week.

To attend more than one class a week you must have a Multi Class Membership.

You cannot roll-over am unused class to future weeks.

How do I move my weekly class?

This is done by simply logging in to your GO Mammoth control panel and clicking the My Classes link under My Account. Here you will have the option to premanently or temporarily swap your class through our online class calendar.

If I can’t attend a class that I have booked into, how do I cancel it so somebody else can attend?

This is done by simply logging in to your GO Mammoth control panel and clicking the My Classes link under My Account. Here you will have the option to premanently or temporarily swap your class through our online class calendar.

How do I upgrade to multi-class membership?

Please call the Fitness Team on 0207 381 6034 and we can do this over the phone.

How does Multi Class membership work?

Gives you access to an unlimited number of classes per week (boxfit, pilates, zumba, piyo, yoga, fit-camp, dance, insanity).

At any venue across London!

You must select a “primary class” to register for multi-class (but this can be changed at any time)

This is effectively only £3 per class if you attend 3 classes p/w on average!

How many classes can I have booked in at one time?

You can have 3 classes booked in at any one point in time.

Once you have attended one of them you can book into another.

This is so that members don’t book into every class without attending, and keeps it fair by offering as much capacity as possible to other members.

What is the earliest stage I can book my classes for the week?

You can book your classes for the week from 00:01 on Sunday morning.

Can I book in to more than one class in an evening?

Yes certainly!

How does the 5 Day Money Back Guarantee work?

  • Sign up for any fitness class on either the single class or multi-class membership
  • Pay for the 1st month of membership as normal
  • Attend 1 class (if single class membership) or as many classes as you wish (if multi-class membership) within your first 5 days.
  • If you are not happy with your experience for any reason, call us on 020 3696 2824 and we will cancel your membership and issue you with a a full refund of your 1st payment 

If you wish to cancel your membership, members must complete an online cancellation form a minimum of 5 working days in advance of their next payment date.

A cancellation form can be requested from GO Mammoth by calling 0207 381 6034 or by emailing fitness@gomammoth.co.uk. Any other forms of notification will not be accepted.