Each game is 50 minutes long and will consist of 4 x 10 minute innings ORan innings will end if all the batting team are out. Extra innings can be played if the first 4 innings are completed before the allocated 50 minutes time slot.


The updated standings will be posted weekly, displaying each teams rank and fixture results.


All eligible teams make the playoffs (teams that have not abused any policies are eligible) in their 8th week. In certain situations teams at or near the bottom of the standings may not advance to the playoffs. Check with GO MAMMOTH league coordinator to see if this applies to your league. Playoffs are single elimination.


Games must start exactly at the designated start time. Teams that arrive late will be penalised (please see forfeits below). Lateness will also result in shorter games and less rounders for both teams.


If a team does not have a full squad (minimum number of original players required according to the rules) at the designated start time a rounder per minute will be awarded for every minute (max 10 minutes), after 10 minutes the game will be forfeited. (A friendly can be played in the result of a forfeit).


In order to participate in the league, each participant must sign the team waiver. Waivers are provided and must be completed and handed in no later than the first night of play. Players not present the first week of play will still be required to sign a waiver with our staff before participating in their first game.


As our Rounders leagues are self-umpired sportsmanship is key. The idea of GO MAMMOTH is to have fun. We hope that all participants keep that in mind when becoming involved. Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. With this said, any behaviour deemed unacceptable by staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league.


To coordinate and run the league, our refs and/or staff will be available at all times to help the league run as smoothly as possible. If you have questions regarding schedules, policies, rule interpretations, directions to the bar, etc. please ask.



Maximum of 4 men in a team of 10. However it is permissible to field a team with less than ten people (minimum of 6 players). If a team is short, batters are not allowed to run twice.

Substitutions can only be made at ‘half-time’ following both teams’ first innings.

A ball must be bowled so that it reaches the area between the batter’s shoulders and knees as it crosses the batting line. A no-ball will be called outside these limits.

A ball that bounces before reaching the batting line is a no-ball.

Bowling should be underarm only. The bowler can be male or female.

The batter has only one strike at the ball and must run even if he/she fails to make contact with the ball, unless a no-ball is called.

When a “no ball” is called and the batter does not run – previous batters may not run on to the next post. When either a
“good ball” is thrown or a “no ball” (where the batter choses to run) occurs, previous batters may progress around the field.

A player can run on a no-ball and cannot be caught out, but can be out in all other ways. The bowling team will concede a half-rounder for every threeno-balls bowled per game. A no-ball from which a rounder or half-rounder is scored will still count towards the total of no-balls.

A batter hitting the ball so that its first bounce is behind the batting line may proceed to first base only and wait until the ball crosses the batting line before proceeding further.

All play ceases when the bowler holds the ball (this is known as a ‘dead ball’).

A batter may not leave or pass a base whilst the ball is ‘dead’, but may continue to the next base, or if less than half-way, have the option of returning to the previous base.

A batter is out if he or she:

–         is caught from a good ball.
–         is stumped out by a fielder.
–         runs to a stumped base before the next ball is bowled.
–         deliberately interferes with the play of the fielders (e.g. kicks the ball).
–         engages in dangerous play while taking a shot.
–         is overtaken by another batter.
–         slides to make ground at a base rather than running.

Once out you must sit/stand away from the playing area.

On all narrow decisions the batter has the benefit of the doubt.

The last batter shall receive up to three good balls and can be caught out on any of these.

Fielders should allow batters an unimpeded run around bases. Fielders on bases should stand inside the diamond to allow a batter to pass.

Rounders are deductible for dissent, and in extreme cases (i.e. abuse of umpire) a player or players may be sent off.

Players or fielders must not slide to make ground instead of running.



–         1 rounder if 4th Post is reached on a good ball.
–         1 rounder if 4th Post reached on no ball (you cannot be caught out).
–         1/2 rounder if 4th Post reached without hitting the ball.
–         1/2 rounder if 2nd Post reached after hitting the ball (you stay at 1st whilst ball is in the backward area).
–         Penalty 1/2 rounder for an obstruction by a fielder.
–         Penalty 1/2 rounder for 3 consecutive no balls (to the same batter).
–         1 rounder for a backward hit if 4th Post reached (you stay at 1st whilst ball is in the backward area).