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*Team price estimates are based on a person squad

How to get started with GO Mammoth Softball

Venue information


Haggerston School
Weymouth Terrace
E2 8LS

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Venue Map

Venue Directions

From Hoxton Station exit on Geffrye Street. Take your first right into Dunloe Street, follow this road for 5 mins and the school will be on your left-hand-side.

League details

Whats included

  • Weekly games over 8 - 12 week period (see Duration above)
  • All equipment provided (i.e. bats, ball, gloves etc)
  • Qualified softball umpires
  • Access up to date league fixtures and standings online
  • Special discounts at the partner bar after the game
  • Prizes for league winners
  • On the field - 10 players (mixed)
Recommended squad size = 15
Read softball rules here

Levels of play explained

GO Mammoth offers softball leagues at a recreational skill level, all leagues are fun and mixed, so you’ll be sure to have a great time.

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