Do leagues run over Christmas?

GO Mammoth Leagues take a break over the Christmas Period so that all members can enjoy time with loved ones. The break time can vary depending on which day of the week Christmas falls but games are normally not scheduled for two weeks and do not run between Christmas and the New Year. Fixtures will be updated in December (or before)  to show excluded weeks over this Xmas period.

How Do I Set Up A Split Payment?

After registering for your preferred league, click on your statement on your profile through the GO Mammoth website, this is found on the drop down menu. Choose to make a payment for the bill. Then tick the box for the League Fee to be paid and click on ‘Make Payment’. You will then have 2 payment options, for the shared payment option choose ‘Pay My Share’. You will then be able to select the teammates you’d like to pay for this league, if they are not showing please click on ‘Add Another Sharer’ and add their name and email address.
Once all payees boxes have been ticked the total fee will be split evenly between those selected. You should then select ‘Pay My Share And Email The Others’, this will confirm the payees and the amount each is to pay and send emails to all players with a link to their statement to simply make payment. For your portion of the payment you will be asked to enter card details and pay your share at that point.
All transactions for shared payment options must be completed online by those allocated to make payment by the team organiser.

How do I know if there is space in the league I want to join?

Select your sport in the menu above, or click “Find activities” and select our venue and then you’ll see the available leagues. If your league is full it will say “Enquire now” if it is full (or has limited spaces left) instead of “Join as individual/team” . When you click “Enquire now” you can leave us details and we can check availability for you

Where can I find the rules for my sport?

Click “Sport” above, and scroll down to the bottom of your specific sport page. In the “Find out more” section near the bottom of the page, you can see a link to the rules. They are also listed on the relevant venue and league pages under “League details” section.

Do you provide refunds?

No refunds within 5 days of the originally posted start date of the league (no matter the circumstances – which includes but is not limited to illness and injury). For ALL refunds processed before this time, there will be a £15 processing fee for Individuals and a £30 processing fee for Teams

What happens if our team has to forfeit because we can’t find enough players?

A forfeit should be a last resort as it means your opposing team misses out on a week of games. Forfeits can therefore seriously damage the running of a league and goodwill between teams. In the very rare event of a forfeit please contact us in advance in the office so we can let the opposing team know.

IMPORTANT: If a team forfeits more than once in a season, GO Mammoth has the right to eject the team from the league in the interest of the other teams. In which case, in line with our terms & conditions, no refunds will be given.

If you are struggling for players, please use our Ringers function (see above)

NOTE: When a team does not arrive for a fixture against your own team or when they have forfeited with notice, GO Mammoth will make very effort to find a suitable opposition to fulfil a friendly fixture at the same time and location. Your team will receive a walkover victory in the league and will also get the opportunity to play. If no opposition is available to play the pitch is free for you to use, supervised by a GO Mammoth Rep who will support in running a small sided match or training session.

When will bad weather or other game cancellations be made?

We will work to inform all players via text or email where games are cancelled. However you can also CHECK THE WEATHER CANCELLATIONS PAGE on the day to see your league status. If your league is not listed games are scheduled to continue as normal.

We appreciate players ultimately just want to play each week and inconsistencies with off-weeks is not ideal for anyone. Given we live in the UK, where weather can be very changeable, GO Mammoth’s general viewpoint is that it is better to get players out playing each week EVEN IF it’s wet/cold/rainy/slippery. Similar to school, once you’re running about and playing, you may need to be more conscientious/slow the game down, but it’s still essentially exercise with friends.

Below are the various scenarios for when games may be cancelled due to extreme weather:

Games cancelled in advance –  If games are cancelled in advance during the day you will usually be informed by 5pm on the day by email/sms. If this happens, your missed games will be rescheduled (extra week added on to the season) – so you will not miss any games overall. If you do not hear from us by 5pm, please ASSUME all games will be going ahead. We do speak with Venues throughout the day as well as looking at forecasts to determine whether games can go ahead.

Late notice cancellation – very occasionally the weather may deteriorate last minute which means the GO Mammoth umpire has to cancel games when you arrive or after games have already started. We try to minimise this scenario as much as possible for obvious inconveniences for players (and umpires), but when it does happen games not played will be rescheduled or credited. This decision to cancel games is completely at the discretion of GO Mammoth and feeds into the following point.

Late notice cancellation – very occasionally the weather may deteriorate at the last minute or a venue may experience unforeseen circumstances which mean we will receive very late notice that we are unable to run fixtures that evening. This means GO Mammoth reps may need to cancel games at short notice. We try our best to minimise this scenario as much as possible for obvious inconveniences for players (and umpires), but when it does happen games not played will be rescheduled or credited. This decision to cancel games is completely at the discretion of GO Mammoth and feeds into the following point..

Team Forfeits – If you arrive at the venue and the GO Mammoth umpire has said it is playable but you disagree and/or do not wish to play e.g. it may be miserable/slippery/cold/wet etc, then this will be treated as a forfeit and fixtures will not be rescheduled or credits offered. In this instance, the GO Mammoth umpire is best placed to make the decision. Often some teams are happy to play in the conditions whilst others are not, so the last word is to the umpire.