How Do I Set Up A Split Payment?

After registering for your preferred league, click on your statement on your profile through the GO Mammoth website, this is found on the drop down menu. Choose to make a payment for the bill. Then tick the box for the League Fee to be paid and click on ‘Make Payment’. You will then have 2 payment options, for the shared payment option choose ‘Pay My Share’. You will then be able to select the teammates you’d like to pay for this league, if they are not showing please click on ‘Add Another Sharer’ and add their name and email address.
Once all payees boxes have been ticked the total fee will be split evenly between those selected. You should then select ‘Pay My Share And Email The Others’, this will confirm the payees and the amount each is to pay and send emails to all players with a link to their statement to simply make payment. For your portion of the payment you will be asked to enter card details and pay your share at that point.
All transactions for shared payment options must be completed online by those allocated to make payment by the team organiser.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

GO Mammoth provide all equipment required for you to participate in a class (e.g. matts, boxing gloves etc). However, it is recommended for members to bring their own fitness equipment in order to ensure you personal fit and comfort in the longer term.

How do I know if there is space in the league I want to join?

Select your sport in the menu above, or click “Find activities” and select our venue and then you’ll see the available leagues. If your league is full it will say “Enquire now” if it is full (or has limited spaces left) instead of “Join as individual/team” . When you click “Enquire now” you can leave us details and we can check availability for you

Where can I find the rules for my sport?

Click “Sport” above, and scroll down to the bottom of your specific sport page. In the “Find out more” section near the bottom of the page, you can see a link to the rules. They are also listed on the relevant venue and league pages under “League details” section.

Do you provide refunds?

No refunds within 5 days of the originally posted start date of the league (no matter the circumstances – which includes but is not limited to illness and injury). For ALL refunds processed before this time, there will be a £15 processing fee for Individuals and a £30 processing fee for Teams