How do I sign up?

Select a convenient venue nearby on the night/level that works by visiting the sport and searching closest league by postcode. You can also use our Search Tool Here

You can enter any league as an individual, with a friend or two (a small group), or as full team (eg work colleagues or friends outside the office)

Pay for the full 8-12 weeks upfront and we’ll send your full league details 1 week before the league starts

Individuals – you pay for full season before the league starts and then we’ll add you to another team of individuals looking for team-mates of a similar level (Remember 70% of all new members join like this not knowing anyone else!)

Small Groups – you have a friend or two, but not enough for a full team. You ALL enter as individuals but note down during registration process (Click “Joining with friends”) the names of your friends – and we’ll be sure to put your all in the same team!

Full Teams– a captain registers & pays for the whole team and then collects subs/monies back from team-mates. You can add as many players to your team as you wish. Team entry works out quite a lot cheaper per player than joining as individuals. Full payment is in advance rather than weekly to ensure teams are committed to playing every week

How do I join with a friend(s) ?

If you don’t have enough for a full team, then sign up to any league as an individual , and add your friend(s) names during the checkout process. We will then ensure you are put in the same team as your friends.

Why does our team have an outstanding balance?

This is usually because your team has been automatically enrolled into the new season, this is to give your team priority to sign up before anyone else can (to avoid missing out).

This outstanding will not be charged to your account. If you wish to play in the next season, please pay this balance ASAP by visiting MY STATEMENT.
If you do not want to play in the new season please de-register your team via the GO Mammoth website or email

How do I add players or remove players from my team?

You must have a role of team “Organiser” in order to be able to add or remove players in your team, or change team name etc. Please either ask an Organiser in your team to do this, or contact us directly and we will change you to an ‘Organiser’ so you can do this.

Trouble signing-in (e.g. reset password) ?

You login using your email address and passwrod. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password by clicking the Login button (top right of the website) and then clicking “Forgot password”.

When will I receive fixtures & information of my team?

We aim to email you your fixtures 1 week before your start date. However, in busy periods you may not receive fixtures until 48 hours before the start date.

Your fixtures will be visible when you login to your account (along with your ‘League Standings’ – which are updated the day after every game).

Can I attend a free trial session before committing?

Sports Leagues: You are welcome to visit a league before committing to joining to watch the league in action and chat to some members. However, please contact us before deciding to visit a venue as we would need to ensure the league manager and facility are expecting you and have you on our records. 

How do sports leagues work?

  • You join as an individual, with a couple of friends (and we’ll add you with other individuals to create a full team ), or as a full team .
  • Leagues typically last 8-12 weeks and happen at the same venue every week.Your game time will vary every week between allocated hrs eg. 7pm and 9pm eg. one week match could be 7pm, next week could 740pm, next week could 810pm etc.
  • We try and give everyone a fair spread of early/mid/late start time across the full season
  • Your game (fixture) times will be sent out to you before the start date of the league.
  • Players are able to miss weeks but it is recommended you find a friend/substitute to play so your team has enough players