Is this the most embarrassing goalkeeper red card ever?

Whenever a keeper strays outside his box, you can’t help but feel he’ll live to regret it.

Lukas Hradecky would have had a long time in his changing room to regret his, because after just two minutes, the Frankfurt keeper was sent off for this egregious blunder against high-flying side RB Leipzig:

BT Sport Football on Twitter

Sheesh…You’ll be unsurprised to learn that RB Leipzig went on to defeat the 10 men of Eintracht Frankfurt 3-0.

Best tackle of the 2016-17 Premier League season so far?

This is the tackle that has arguably cemented Tottenham and England’s Danny Rose’s status as one of the best left-backs in the world. It took place during Tottenham’s 2-2 draw with Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

Watch below as Rose somehow contorts his body to take the ball from Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling in Spurs’ penalty box:

Spurs Nostalgia on Twitter

Here were a couple of social media’s best reactions to Rose’s stunning challenge:

Danny The Soldier on Twitter

Football Daily on Twitter

A Danny Rose supermarket-themed gag was also doing the rounds on Twitter over the weekend:

Footy365 on Twitter

When Danny Rose makes the overlap too early.

However the less said about Rose’s fellow full-back Kyle Walker’s challenge against Raheem Sterling during the same match, the better. Social media wasn’t as kind to Walker:

⚽442oons⚽ on Twitter

Five Football Funnys

17/01/17- Reactions to Pogba’s performance against Liverpool and new hashtag

Football fans on social media had plenty to say about Pogba’s new emoji, released in conjunction with Twitter over the weekend. Unfortunately the emoji’s release also coincided with his abject performance for his club Manchester United against rivals Liverpool. The Internet’s reaction was swift and merciless.

Here are our top 5 social media reactions to the news:

1) Does Pogba’s emoji need a creative edit after the Liverpool game?

SoccerSatireday on Twitter

Pogba Apparently Paul Pogba is the first footballer to get his own emoji on Twitter?? I don’t think so, Wilshere has had one for ages!

2) Was Pogba really the first pro player to get his own emoji?

SoccerSatireday on Twitter

Pogba Apparently Paul Pogba is the first footballer to get his own emoji on Twitter?? I don’t think so, Wilshere has had one for ages!

3) Was Pogba dabbing when he conceded the penalty against Liverpool?

Bleacher Report UK on Twitter

4) Abgop Luap

Football Funnys on Twitter

5) Amusing Typo ✅

Football Tweets on Twitter


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Are you aware of what you’re going to do with the ball before it arrives at your feet? Can you pick the perfect 20 yard pass to put your striker through on goal? Do you have the legs to make that last ditch tackle to deny your opponent slotting the ball past your keeper? You do? Cool – sign up to our competitive leagues, where players are still looking for fun, social games, but also want to win all of their fixtures! 

What you need to know ahead of your first Go Mammoth 5-a-side game
5-a-side football rules guide


What you need to know ahead of your first game

      1. Your fixture list

Every footballer loves to do a little research about their opposition before they step onto the pitch, so seven days before your first league match, our 5-a-side league management team will send you your receive your full fixture list for the season.

5 A Side Football

     2.  Your team members

Signing up to one of our 5-a-side leagues on your own? Well along with the details of your fixture information, our league management team will also send you the contact details of your team at least a week. Why not set up a Whatsapp group and start the conversation going before you meet up for the first time? We’d also advise arriving for your first match a little early so you can meet up and warm up with them beforehand.

   3.  Brush up on the 5-a-side football rules

5-a-side football is a beautifully simple game – that’s why it’s so addictive – but there are a few key rules you should brush up on before your first match. Whether you’ve signed to play up on your own or your managing a team, it’s definitely worth taking a read of our Go Mammoth 5-a-side rules guide before your first fixture.

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   4.  How do the 5-a-side leagues work?

You’ll be playing all your league games at the venue and on the day you selected during the registration process, but your fixtures will vary week on week within the time window allotted for your league. But to ensure you can properly plan your fixtureyou’ll receive your full fixtures list along with exact kick-off times before the season begins so you can plan your matches into your personal schedule

    5.  Don’t forget to bring your astro turf trainers to the game…

…and if you haven’t played for a while, don’t forget to wear them in for a bit beforehand to make sure they still fit. Bring a bottle of water too – you’ll definitely need one for your first game. We’ll sort out the team bibs and ball. See you on the pitch.


10 reasons to Go Mammoth for 5-a-side

Here are ten reasons why you should Go Mammoth for your 5-a-side football fix:

Great locations, conveniently accessed

We run leagues football pitches in all four quarters of London; here’s sure to be a game happening near your home or office. Plus we’re opening new leagues at new venues all the time.

Quality playing surfaces

We only run leagues on state-of-the-art astroturf and 3G pitches in London.       

A league of your own

We run recreational football leagues for players with less experience, mixed teams and anyone who just wants a friendly kick-about. Our intermediate 5-a-side and 6-a-side football leagues are for players who want a more competitive (but still fun and friendly!) game. Read more about our levels of play.

Individuals welcome

You’re welcome to join any of our football leagues in London as either a team or individual. Other 5 a side league providers only welcome complete teams but we’re experts at matching up individual players with existing teams.

Manage your team online

We know you’re busy with your day job and managing a football team on the side can take quite a bit of organisation. That’s why we’ve invested in the best technology of any London 5-a-side facility to help you register your team and keep track of your leagues online.

Short on players one week? We’ve got you covered!

No team wants to miss a game due to a lack of players! Using Go Mammoth’s website, it’s a cinch to find ringers for your team if you’re caught short one week.

League champs win prizes

Go Mammoth leagues are about football and fun first and foremost but there’s also great prizes up for grabs for the talented teams who finish at the top of our leagues.

Fair play

All of our league matches are officiated by independent referees who keep the play running smoothly and safely – just come along, bib up and play!

 From the pitch to the pub

Most of the teams in our London football leagues head to the local Go Mammoth partner bars after their matches for a couple of hard-earned drinks.

Meet new people

Playing 5-a-side with Go Mammoth is the perfect way to make new friends in London in a relaxed, competitive atmosphere.


5-a-side Football Rules

Before you play in our 5 aside London leagues you need to have a brush up on the rules…


No more than five players on the pitch for each side (six players per team for 6-a-side).

A game can officially be played with 4 players on the pitch for one team.

In mixed leagues two girls must be on the pitch at all times. If fewer than two girls can play for a team then the game can be played as an official match, but only if the opposing team are happy to do so.

If a team arrive with fewer than 3 of their original players or the referee steps in, then the other team must decide BEFORE kick off if they wish for the result to count towards the standings or whether to play the game as a friendly. This decision must be clear to both teams involved BEFORE kicking off.


Teams have until ten minutes past the designated start time to field a legal team. The length of the game will be reduced to stick to time scales and it must be clear if the game is to be played as a friendly before kick off.

Go Mammoth Football


Substitutions can be made at any point during the game and are “rolling”. The substitute(s) must be off the pitch before the new player(s) comes on and must enter the pitch at the same place the player left the pitch. Play will not stop for substitutions. This includes after a goal, during a free kick etc.

Play will continue regardless of substitutions. If a team wastes time during a switch then play will be handed over for a free kick / goal kick to the other team.

Play will continue if a goalkeeper is switching into goal, even if this involves putting goalkeeper gloves on.

There is no limit to the amount of substitutions a team can make.

There is no limit to the amount of substitutes a team can have on the sideline.


Only the designated goalkeeper is allowed inside the designated goal area. Two players can only be in the area during a switchover. If there are two players in the designated goal area during a shot from the opposition then a penalty will be given. Make goalkeeper switches as swift as possible.

If the goalkeeper leaves the area for any reason during play then a penalty will be given to the opposing team.

Any defending players that enter the goal area for any reason during play will result in a penalty to the opposing team. This includes running through/across the goal area. This does not include momentum which may take a player into the area. But If the ball is touched/cleared during this momentum a penalty may be given at the referee’s discretion).

If an attacking player goes into the goal area, a goal kick will be awarded. If the attacker’s foot is inside the area when they shoot, the goal will be disallowed. If momentum takes the attacker into the area but the shot left their foot before their foot entered into the area the goal will be given.

Goalkeepers can roll, throw or kick the ball out. They are not allowed to throw the ball above head height or throw it with an overarm motion. If the goalkeeper throws, kicks or rolls the ball out over head height an indirect free-kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the kick off spot.


All free kicks must be taken indirectly. The ball must be placed at the point of the foul and can be taken by any player. The opposing team must be one metre from the ball when a free kick is taken.

Goals will not be awarded if scored directly from a free kick.

A free kick can be given for one of the following: (1) the ball going over head height, whether that be a deflection or kicked directly from a player. It’s whoever it hits last. (2) charging (3) roughness (4) Handball (5) dangerous play (5) slide tackles (6) lack of control in a tackle (7) time wasting

The referee is able to include a sin bin for two minutes as well as a free kick if they feel it’s necessary.

Back passes to the goalkeeper ARE allowed. The goalkeeper is allowed to pick the ball up from a back pass.

Multiple back passes to a goalkeeper will be reviewed at the referee’s discretion and a free kick can be awarded if they feel it’s getting ridiculous.

A free kick will be awarded against the last player to touch the ball before it goes above head height.

Any rebounds off goalkeepers that go over head height will result in play carrying on.

In mixed football penalties can be taken by any player.

The penalty taker can only take one step before their penalty kick. The penalty taker is not permitted to run-up to the ball before taking the shot.

Go Mammoth Football


Results within league games will be awarded as follows:  3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 1 point for a loss and  0 points for a forfeit.

Any drawn play-offs will be decided on penalties.


The referee’s decisions on the pitch are final.

These Go Mammoth league rules are not exhaustive and may be added to or amended at any time.

Go Mammoth reserve the right be to deduct 1 point from a team at our own discretion for a forfeit or any serious misconduct.