Which league level is right for me?

August 11, 2016

We offer two leagues - recreational and competitive, so whether you want to ease yourself in to the action or go for glory in a competitive environment, we’ve got you covered.

More about our leagues below:


If you haven’t played 5-a-side for a while, think you’re a tad unfit for the rigours of a full-on competitive game, or just want to have more of a light-hearted kickabout, then the recreational league is the best starting point for you. The recreational leagues are the best place to hone your level of fitness and your general footballing skill, while having a great time doing so.

Go Mammoth Football


Are you aware of what you’re going to do with the ball before it arrives at your feet? Can you pick the perfect 20 yard pass to put your striker through on goal? Do you have the legs to make that last ditch tackle to deny your opponent slotting the ball past your keeper? You do? Cool – sign up to our competitive leagues, where players are still looking for fun, social games, but also want to win all of their fixtures! 

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