Volleyball league levels explained

August 19, 2016

Looking to play volleyball, but not sure in which league you should be playing in. Let us explain all:

We offer volleyball leagues catering to three different levels of play. Before you book your league, have a read of the league levels below, to ensure you select the league that’s right for you:


The perfect choice for those who are brand new to the sport. For those who’ve always wanted to try volleyball but have been worried about their playing level Emphasis is on learning and training – sessions comprise of roughly 60% coaching and 40% supervised games.

Training games will include tips and pointers from the coaches so that everyone can learn together in a fun and relaxed environment.

If you’re looking for purely game play and matches then these are not the sessions for you. Please see either Intermediate or Competitive levels.


For the slightly more serious player! You have played volleyball before and can handle yourself in a game situation. Matches are still social and fun, however they have a more competitive edge!

Intermediate matches are played in 3 sets and are officiated by an umpire rather than supervised by a coach

Join an Intermediate league if you want to improve your skills during a weekly fun (and slightly competitive) game.

Go Mammoth volleyball


Go Mammoth competitive volleyball is for the serious match player! For those who have played a good level in the past, and want to continue playing to a high standard

Perfect if you are comfortable setting, spiking and blocking and have good ball control/can keep a rally going

The environment is still social, and it’s a great way to meet other experienced players and play a competitive, fun game.

If you’re new to the game, warm up in the recreational and competitive leagues before you play in this league.


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