Volleyball league levels explained

August 19, 2016

Looking to play volleyball, but not sure in which league you should be playing in. Let us explain all:

We offer volleyball leagues catering to three different levels of play. Before you book your league, have a read of the league levels below, to ensure you select the league that’s right for you:


The perfect choice for those who are returning or new to the sport.

  • Introduce or re-introduce you to the rules of the game
  • Help you develop your volleyball skills
  • Improve your general fitness making you more match-ready 
  • Increase your tactical awareness
  • Develop awareness, positioning and co-operation within your team



Great for those looking for a slightly more competitive game…

  •  You have played volleyball before and can handle yourself in a game situation. Matches are still social and fun, however they have a more competitive edge!
  • Intermediate matches are played in 3 sets and are officiated by an umpire rather than supervised by a coach
  • Join an Intermediate league if you want to improve your skills during a weekly fun (and slightly competitive) game.



Competitive volleyball is for the serious match player!

  • For those who have played a good level in the past, and want to continue playing to a high standard
  • Perfect if you are comfortable setting, spiking and blocking and have good ball control/can keep a rally going
  • The environment is still social, and it’s a great way to meet other experienced players and play a competitive, fun game.




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