Which basketball league level is right for me?

August 31, 2016

We runs basketball leagues for all levels. From casual league to elite all-star leagues, we've got all bases covered.

Whether you’re stepping out onto the court for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, this guide will help you decide what basketball league level is for you:


Perfect for those who have had a few years off, or are looking to try a new sport. It is ideal for helping you to get back into the game, or learning and improve your skills. At recreational level you get a good standard of competition in which to learn new skills and tactics from friends and opponents whilst still competing in a fully officiated environment.


Get your game face on and get in the zone! This level is for those players who ‘have played quite a bit in the past’ – think school, university, club play. Players tend to have solid knowledge of rules and tactics and as such expect to face some high quality competition. This is a great level for teams who thrive on the pure competition of sport and want to begin their journey towards becoming professional legends!

Go Mammoth Basketball


Invite only (i.e. GO Mammoth will invite your team to participate in this exclusive league if we think you have what it takes – usually this means your team would have won multiple leagues). Designed for the “best of the best” , the cream of the crop, the equivalent of the NBA for GO Mammoth. Takes place on the best basketball courts in the country! Does your team have what it takes to become Champions?


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