5 signs you’re obsessed with basketball

August 31, 2016

Any UK fan obsessed with basketball will be able to relate to these.

You watch all the big games in the middle of the night…every single week!

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Being a fan of professional basketball in the UK is harder than in the US. For one, thanks to the time difference, you have to watch the big games in the middle of the night. Sometimes your mates join you, but aren’t as passionate about the game as you are.

You send basketball emojis to your friends on Facebook Messenger…just to play that game

Basketball emoji game

Playing this is more entertaining than talking to your mates anyway

You’ve watched every GB game at the Copper Box

Copper Box

While most of your friends have never heard of the Copper Box, it’s become your home away from home.

When you go bowling you always head straight for the arcade section to play this

You’ve always dreamt of nailing a slam dunk in one of these.

You won’t hear anything negative said against Space Jam

Space Jam

Michael Jordan, R Kelly and Bugs Bunny made the ultimate movie…end of argument


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