Top 3 basketball trick shot videos on the web

August 31, 2016

We've scoured the web to bring you the definitive top 3 list of most impressive basketball trick shots videos.

You’ve probably seen a few epic basketball shots by now if you’ve been on the web for a few years, but none like these. Check out these crazy basketball shots in the videos  below!

Relive one of the greatest basketball shots ever

One of the greatest moments in NBA history; relive Michael Jordan’s 1989 series winning shot for Chicago Bulls, as he climbs high over Cleveland Cavalier’s Craig Ehlo for a last ditch win.

GoPro: Basketball Trampoline Trickshots with Kevin Libertowski

Hi-Definition Dunking

Freestyle group Lords of Gravity perform some of the best trampoline-assisted dunks routines in the world. Check out their awesome 4k HD edit below:
World’s Best Basketball Freestyle Dunks – Lords of Gravity in 4k

Long Range Libertowski

19 year old Kevin Libertowski from Ohio makes long range shooting even easier than Steph Curry does. Check out his unbelievable technique below:


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