Forget school netball – 8 reasons why playing adult netball is more fun!

November 16, 2016

Haven't played netball for ages and thinking about taking the plunge again? Here's why playing the sport as a grown-up is much more enjoyable than playing in school.

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It definitely doesn’t feel as serious

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Forget the PE kit – you can wear jazzy leggings!

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Mixed netball at school wasn’t a thing – adult mixed netball is!

There isn’t a PE teacher to have a go at you if you make a mistake

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You don’t have to play games on the weekend meaning more time for this…

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We run indoor adult netball leagues so in winter you won’t feel like this…

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You can have a glass of wine with your team after a game…

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You don’t have to worry about being picked last as we put individual members in a team

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