3 reasons why playing dodgeball is the best way to meet new people!

April 2, 2017

Looking to expand your social circle? Forget using apps to meet people! Here's why playing dodgeball is the best way to socially network!

1) Dodgeball is the ultimate icebreaker – say goodbye to those awkward silences!

Okay so there are now plenty of social apps out there designed to help people make new friends, but one thing they can’t help you with is breaking the ice when you’re meeting people for the first time.

The first time you step into one of our dodgeball venues, you’ll immediately be greeted and welcomed by one of our friendly dodgeball league reps, before stepping out onto the court with your new team mates for several sets of a fun social sport!

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Simply put, your first GO Mammoth dodgeball game will minimise the awkward silences of meeting people for the first time and maximise your fun!

2) When you hit our partner bar for the first time after you’ll all have a shared experience to talk about!

We’ve all been there – when speaking to new people for the first time, you immediately try to find your common interests, which can mean that initial conversations can become  stilted, awkward and slightly stressful!

This doesn’t happen at GO Mammoth dodgeball, because after each game, the majority of our members head to our league’s partner bar (where you you’ll get a great discounts on drinks) and you’ll immediately have something in common to talk about – your first dodgeball game!

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Your team will be sharing stories of their awesome throws, catches, and of course, dodges, before the conversation moves onto tactics for next week’s game. Ice…broken!

3) You’re new friend network will extend beyond just your team!

Ever noticed that one of the weird quirks of Facebook is sometimes (if you haven’t messed around with your settings) you’ll spot posts from the friends of your friends (aka people you don’t know!) pop up in your news feed.

But when playing dodgeball with GO Mammoth, the people you don’t know from week 1 (ie. players from other teams) you will know by the end of your season! When our dodgeball players hit our partner bars, their opponents on the dodgeball court soon become their friends in the bar!

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Simply put…forget using apps to meet people. Playing dodgeball will give you a great new social network.

Why not give it a go?

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