Go Mammoth’s Best 10 Dodgeball Team Names Ever

August 8, 2016

So you’re thinking about entering a dodgeball team into a Go Mammoth league. Great! But now you need to start thinking about coming up with a catchy team name.

Once you come up with the perfect name, magic begins to happen: the banter between your members will increase, someone will volunteer to get bespoke team t-shirts designed and your communication between your whole team on court will skyrocket.

See we told you, it’s a massively important decision right? Well, to get your creative juices flowing, here are our top ten favourite Go Mammoth dodgeball team names of all time:

1) The Artful Dodgers

Quite a few teams in the past have called themselves The Artful Dodgers, either after the character from Oliver Twist or the 90’s 2-step garage band. If you’re thinking of naming your team ‘The Artful Dodgers, don’t bother, just ‘re-rewind, as you’re ‘movin’ too fast’.

2) Salad Dodgers

As Homer Simpson once said, ‘you don’t win friends with salad’ – this team lived and breathed by this motto. They were great at dodging salad, but even better at dodging balls.

3) Motherduckers

Yep, you can see what this team did here! Thing is, be careful about deliberately ducking if a ball is thrown at you. If you duck below shoulder height and the ball hits your head, you my friend could be eliminated!

4) Resevoir Dodge

These guys proudly wear the classic silhouette poster art from the classic Tarantino movie Resevoir Dogs on their team t-shirts. Always remember the 5 D’s if you come up against this legendary Go Mammoth dodgeball team:  dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge!

5) Rocky Mountain Oysters

At first it’s quite difficult to spot the connection between this team name and dodgeball, but let us explain; Rocky Mountain Oysters aren’t a delicacy from the sea – in fact, they are seasoned, deep-fried bison and pig “balls” (geddit?), which can be enjoyed in restaurants within American mid-west. Nuts right?

6) Not In The Face

We can understand why team doesn’t want to take one in the mush: it hurts and is against the rules of dodgeball. This team will always remind their opposition – by their name alone – that no-one wants to take a ball to the face.

7) No Hit Sherlock!

Take a popular phrase, remove one of its letters to make it inoffensive and you are left with one incredible dodgeball name. There’s only one thing that could make this team name better – we wish we had a dodgeball referee called Sherlock…

8) Guns N’ Throwses

Bet you’ve always wondered what would happen if you fused an 80’s hard rock band with a dodgeball-based pub. Well now you know. You get the awesome dodgeball team name Guns N’ Throwses.

9) Jammy Dodgers

Biscuit-based brilliance!

10) Game of Throws

A team name that both succinctly explains the game of dodgeball and is also pun on one of the biggest TV shows of all time. Genius.

Got your team name sorted? Ready to start dodging some balls? Yeah you are! Select your league below:

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