Which Netball League Level Is Right For Me?

July 25, 2016

There is a level of play for all abilities in our Go Mammoth netball leagues. Whether your current skill levels are a little rusty or super sharp, we’ve got you covered:



Are you a netball newbie? Want to learn the basics rather than playing competitive matches?

Our Beginner league will:

  • Introduce or re-introduce you to the rules of the game
  • Help you develop your netball skills
  • Improve your general fitness making you more match-ready 
  • Increase your tactical awareness
  • Develop awareness, positioning and co-operation within your team

What to expect each week:

  • You’ll spend 20 minutes learning various netball drills, improving your all-round ability in the sport
  • You’ll spend 20 minutes putting your newly learnt skills to the test in a casual, friendly match



You can’t go wrong with our recreational league : ) They’re for you if:

  • You’re looking to have fun and get fit, but you won’t loose sleep if you lose the game!
  • You haven’t played Netball in a while (e.g. since school) or you’re new to the sport
  • You want the emphasis to be on ‘fun’ rather than ‘mega-competitive’.
  • You’re a group of friends/colleagues entering a netball team for the first time, wanting to find your footing and put your team on the map.



The temperature in the Intermediate level heats up a bit more compared to the Recreational tier.

  • Participants have a solid grasp of the rules, and want to step things up a touch.
  • Once you’ve played a few seasons at the Recreational level this is a natural step if you’re looking for that extra challenge
  • More experienced teams often can enter comfortably at this level
  • Depending how long since you played, if you played at 1st team at school or 1st-2nd at university you should be ready to dive straight into an int league.


Go Mammoth Netball

Aimed at the strong club players wanting to play rather than train in tough mid-week fixtures.


  • Players will have played at least at an intermediate level recently and are consistently winning matches or being highly placed in GO Mammoth leagues.
  • Players wanting to reach for a greater competitive edge in their match-play.
  • If its a higher level of competition you are looking for this is the league for you!


Finding your position

So hopefully you know what Go Mammoth netball league is right for you – but do you know what position you should be playing at?

Check out our netball positions guide.

Netball Court Positions


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