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June 25, 2012

A slam dunk for the London Basketball League.


Dunking is definitely something you should try (if you haven’t already) to do at your London Basketball League. One of the most enjoyed, by yourself and spectators, ways to score in basketball is by dunking. No other tactic has the same awe-inspiring affect on spectators and your opponent’s team. It also excites your team, helping to motivate and boost team morale.

When watching basketball highlights, most of these highlights will be comprised of a trick dunk during a game, an alley-oop, or a dunk over a defending player.

What makes dunking so special is that it isn’t a skill that is held by every player. A person has to have a certain mix of athleticism in order to jump with a ball and put the ball through a 10-foot rim. Certain people may not be able to jump high enough to touch the rim. Touching the rim is only the first step; because in order to dunk you have to get higher than the rim so you can put the ball through the hoop.

In some cases getting to the rim is not a problem, but instead the issue is holding onto the ball. Once a person is able to dunk normally, then they can move on to other types of dunks. These types include the windmill, behind the head, foul line, tomahawk, 360 dunking, and between the legs.


Source: Reese News – Dunk


Dunking is a sport within its self. There is a special contest each year just to determine who has the best dunk. These competitions are held on both the collegiate and professional levels in the United States.

This is a great infographic that gives you a little more insight into the world of dunking, its history, terminology and training tips. Learn how to step up your basketball abilities and add dunking to your list of basketball skills.

Are you one of the lucky ones to be able to score epic dunks??


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