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July 4, 2012

See some of the best Dodgeball Hits (and ducks, dives and dodges).....

I absolutely love playing Dodgeball in London, and I find that it is one of the most entertaning social sports to play, as well as to watch. Everyone runs around, jumping, ducking, and diving, trying to avoid being anihalated by a ball. To be fair, it does look like absolute chaos, but when you are actually playing it, it all somehow seems to make perfect sense and you know exactly what is going on. Whenever I watch dodgeball, and I’m not playing Dodgeball, I just want to get involved. We have higlighted some great dodgeball hits, as well as dodges below.


5 Collapse – It is one thing to be hit by an incoming dodge ball, but it is another thing to be “knocked” over from the impact. The ball has to be thrown really hard, or catch you at a particular spot to result in this fashion. Watch the video to see this girl’s reaction to being pegged out.


4) Farewell!!! – When ever anyone gets shot in a movie, they always have a dramatic fall to the ground. After watching this video, you could swear that you were watching one of those movies. Poor guy took a pounding.


3) Untouchable – Have you ever tried playing Dodgeball against a ghost? Be happy that this girl isn’t playing against you. Not only does she seamlessly and effortlessly dodge all of opponent’s volleys, but she does it with her own style.


2) Out But Not Down – Every one has heard the phrase “Down but not out.” Well the person in this video obviously wont be satisfied until his opponent is both out and down. I hope I never play this guy in a match. He’s obviously though about people’s weak spots (not advised).


1) Flip Dodge – This video is mental! The person featured in this video incorporates gymnastic tricks with his Dodgeball skills to help his team walk away with the win. Can anyone on your team one-up this video? Feel free to record your greatest Dodgeball moments and post them on the comment wall!


What’s your favourite Dodegball clip, or maybe you just like the film “Dodgeball”….!?!?


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