Dodgeball London: Clapham Match Report

January 10, 2013

A Mammoth match report from the opening night of Clapham High Street Dodgeball Winter 2013...


Customised Basketball Bibs

Since GO Mammoth is set to kick off five basketball leagues in April, we thought we would find some suppliers of basketball jerseys for you guys. Yes, we still provide nice bibs with numbers for you and your teammates. However, we can not customise your team bibs for you. These suppliers give you the option to pick out your team colors and team name, players’ names, and logo! Do not forget to add the numbers to the back so our refs can do their job. If you would like to go ahead and get team jerseys to use in the next couple of seasons then check out the links below.

Team-colours has the most options of the three. They allow you to add the names and numbers for only £10. Most of their jerseys are only £20 per person. This comes with the ability to choose from more than 20 colour options.


Sportserve offers a wide variety of reversible jerseys as well as traditional ones. They offer matching tops and shorts as well, with names and numbers, for around £40. Their specialty is uniforms so they have lots of great deals for them. However, if you just wanted a set of numbered bibs then you can get them as well for £20.


Bob Woolmer Sales also offers lots of sports equipment and clothing. The site is a little harder to navigate than the other two and has a smaller selection. Nevertheless, they have basketball vests that can be personalised as well. Browse through the catalog until you get to page 28-29 and you can pick out a vest and look at the personalisation options on page 41.


Remember, the team that looks good plays good!

Best of luck in your london basketball current season and the coming seasons!


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