Easy Ab Workout

July 13, 2012

An easy ab workout that isn't boring.

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Guest Blog:

So it was my birthday yesterday (I wont disclose my age), I was walking back from my Netball league in London, wandering around Clapham and saw a group of men in their mid twenties and came to the realisation that I am not married, don’t have kids yet and don’t see myself in a serious relationship any time soon. There’s a moment in every womans life when they realise it must be time to get into shape. So I have decided, I am going to try and get some cracking abs. I don’t want to do hundreds of situps every night because a) I don’t have time, and b) they’re quite boring! So I’ve spoken to a few of my fit friends (slightly obsessed I feel), and I have created a list of different and more importantly fun exercises to help slim down those dreaded love handles.


Here goes…


The Front Plank – Lie flat on the floor, face down. Push up on your hands, and toes ensuring you keep your body in a straight line, belly button in and arms at 90 degrees. Keep breathing, and do 3 sets of 30 seconds.


The Side Plank – Start off in a similar position to the front plank, but roll over onto one arm and one foot. Keep your hips in line, belly button in and maintain this position for as long as possible. This will increase as you train your muscles. Try doing 3 sets of these. Make sure you breathe deeply otherwise you may pass out…not a good start to a new you!


The Bird Dog – Get into a dog position (hands and knees touching the floor). While keeping your back flat and belly button pulled in, lift your arm up and out at 45 degrees, while pointing the opposite leg straight back. Stretch, and hold.


Overhead Sidebend with broomstick – Simply grab a broomstick hold it above your head and lean down to the side and come back up. Easy to do while watching television. Remember to keep control of this, the slower and more controlled, the better tone.


Twist Crunches – Lie on your back with your knees bent.  Carefully lift your head up and place your hands behind your head without locking your fingers together. Twist to the right bringing your left elbow to your right knee. Extend your left leg out. Now twist back to the left bringing your right elbow to your left knee. Extend your right leg out.


Leg Throw Exercise  – Lie flat on your back, reach back and hold your partners ankles or calves securely with your hands. Bend your knees slightly and slowly raise your legs towards your partner’s body. Make sure your lower back is always sunk into the foor. Bring your legs all the way up so your partner is holding onto your ankles. Feel your partner throw your legs away and down. Your partner should not just push, but rather throw them so your legs have both momentum and gravity pulling them down to the floor.Resist the force of your legs as they are thrown and don’t let your feet touch the ground. Slowly bring your legs back up to your partner and allow him to grab your ankles again. Ask your partner to throw your legs in different directions. Throwing them to the side at least 45 degrees works the oblique muscles and random throws helps with strengthening the abs and your coordination within Netball while balancing from jump landings.


If anyone else has any ideas I would really appreciate them. The easier and less time consuming the better?


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