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June 26, 2012

A look into some of GO Mammoth's favourite football sports drinks.

Sports drinks are increasingly becoming more and more popular and widely available. But why? What do sports drinks offer that water doesn’t? Sport can have adverse effects on the body. Sweating just 2% of body fat can cause impaired performance while 10% can be fatal. Energy drinks such as Lucozade, Gatorade, and Powerade help to replenish what you are loosing. Competing in more intense physical activity at your London Football League will exhaust the body and these sugary energy drinks will help your body recover from body fat lost.

Energy drinks are high in sugar and give an extra boost to help give that added energy you need should you undertake exercise before eating a decent meal. Should you come straight after work to your London football league, a bottle of Lucozade might be the difference between a demoralising performance and a man of the match effort. Sports drinks may help to improve performance in the shorter term, however a good intake of water is also needed for longer terms benefits.


Research has shown that a regular consumption of sports drinks corrodes your teeth more than Coke and Red Bull. So ensure you are not relying on them for all sporting activities, and only drink them when you are in need of a little boost.

I guess the next question to ask is what’s the difference between the drinks? Powerade and Gatorade contain very similar contents. A half a litre bottle of Powerade and Gatorade contain 34 grams of sugar while Lucozade contains almost half this amount with just 18 grams. However Lucozade contains very little sodium and potassium, while Powerade and Gatorade have a much higher content. Sodium and potassium is needed for day to day bodily functions as well as communicating signals amongst body parts.  These are the ‘electrolytes’ which are widely seen on advertisements and this is what helps provide the athletes with replenished energy. The more electrolytes, the better your body is equipped to perform well. There aren’t too many major nutritional differences between Powerade and Gatorade apart from flavour which comes down to a personal choice.

Pick up a sports drink on the way to your London football league, and see if it effects your performance.

What’s your favourite flavour?


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