Free Kick Football Plays

August 1, 2012

Football League Free Kick Plays

Free Kick Football Moves

You’ve probably had countless free kicks in your Football League match but more often than not have wasted them. They are a great opportunity to score and scoring one with a well pulled off move is very satisfying. With help from the guys at we have suggested a variety of different free kick plays which you may like to try out. Although these pictures are demonstrated for an 11 aside game, they can be slightly altered and adapted to 5 or 6 aside.

Free Kick 1

This first play is fairly simple and most teams should be able to pull it off.  Player 1 should get the ball and line it up on the ground tricking the opposition into thinking he will kick the ball. Players 2 and 3 hover over the ball as seen in the picture with player 2 just on top of the ball. A 4th player will stand wider of the play (Player 4) and should look like he/she will not get involved. Pretend to have a rest, take deep breathes and even ‘tie your shoes’. When you’re ready, Player 1 starts to run up acting like he/she will take a shot after Player 2 lays it off to him. The defence will get ready to block this shot. But instead of Player 2 laying it off to Player 1, they pass across field (through the legs of Player 3) to Player 4 who will hopefully have a free and open shot on goal.

free kick 1

Free Kick 2

This next free kick is slightly more advanced than the previous one but when successfully pulled off it is quite entertaining. There is a slight modification towards the end of this set move but not too much different. Once again there will obviously be a few less players on the field in your 5 or 6 aside match but the same concept can still be applied. Player 1 will pass to a teammate (Player 2) who will make a run forward from the wall. As the pass is being made, Player 3 will scoop around and head towards the corner of the penalty area. Player 2 will then perform a first touch pass into the space where Player 3 will run. Player 2 will then run towards the goal and in front of the goal (but outside the penalty area) waiting for Player 3 to square a pass to him/her who will have the whole goal to aim for hoping that the goalkeeper will still be on the side of the goals focusing on Player 3.

free kick 1


Free Kick 3

Quick free kicks are highly successful if worked well. When awarded a free kick in your own half quickly place the ball on the ground and pass to a teammate (Player 2) who would be making a run down the sideline. And just like the previous free kick, a runner will run through the middle of the pitch and will receive a square ball from the sideline runner who will then shoot and hopefully score. An accurate pass from Player 1 is vital to pierce the opposition and an equally accurate pass from Player 2 to Player 3 will help set up the final shot.

free kick 3

Free Kick 4

This play works best when done quickly. Great to use when awarded a free kick near the sideline. As seen in the picture, have a player on the ball taking the free kick then have a player on corner of the penalty area. When the ball is played to that player, a teammate will make a run from the bottom right of screen splitting the defenders and has the opportunity to have a one on one with the goalkeeper.

free kick 4

We hope this gives your team an idea for a worked free kick and can hopefully pull it off. Let us know if any team can pull off one of the four moves and if anyone else can think of better ones please do let us know. Be warned, if your teammates aren’t sure what’s going on, it can backfire and lead to an opposition counter attack so communication is the key. Good luck.

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