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June 18, 2012

Connect with GO Mammoth on Google Plus.


Come join GO Mammoth on Google+! Google plus is a young social media network that has loads to offer!




Google+ allows you to connect with your friends, team members, and organisations.

The best part, and something that differentiates Google+ from other social media platforms, is the fact that you can organise all of your followers into circles. Circles allow you to connect with specific groups of followers!

For example, say that you have a dedicated circle for your team; you can post specific status’, messages and photos that only the members of that circle can see. To quickly share an update on team attire for the day’s matches, simply type in the message (“Wear red shirts today!”) and select your team’s circle, and check “notify about this post!” You can share this info through words or picture! You can also download the Google+ mobile app, allowing this information to come through directly to your mobile phone so you can always get information on the GO! The mobile app also allows you to directly upload photos you have just taken. You can take your own action sports photos with your Google+ enabled smart phone device, and have them up before the game is even over. The app also offers the ability to share your location. You can do this privately within your circle, which is brilliant when letting your team know where to find you, or what pub to meet you at.

Pages are also another great way to connect. Create a page for your team and add all the members! The champion’s page can get a Page shout-out from the official GO Mammoth Google+ Page. This page would also be a great way to document your season through messages, photos, and videos and keep up with how many fans you develop through Google’s 1+.

Lastly Google has a fantastic and innovative video chatting application. Google has added “Hangouts” to its great array of capabilities. Hangouts allow for up to a 10 way video chat to take place. Get together with your team using Hangouts and discuss strategy, and other matters!

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