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November 13, 2013

Recognising and rewarding the people who make the club what it is = YOU!


It’s competition time….EVERY MONTH!!

You guys and girls make GO Mammoth what it is, and to thank you for everything you do we will be giving out monthly awards. As a social sports club we know the love of the game is often it’s own reward, however we feel individuals and teams also deserve extra recognition and awards for their commitment to the game. 

Mammoth Awards:

Mammoth Team of the Month Award (Win a Bonus Point)
This is for those of you that go that extra mile just because you want to. We feel you should be recognised for this. So many teams make videos, create customised kits, write match reports, have their own blogs and twitter accounts and some even go on holiday together or arrange team socials even if they were put together as a group of individuals. All you have to do is share these teams activities with us by posting on our facebook wall, tweeting or e-mailing us at hello@gomammoth.co.uk and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

The more we can encourage great “teamsmanship” the better! One team will be chosen each month to receive this award.


Mammoth T-Shirt Award (Win a Hoodie)
This is a great way for our Mammoth members to get themselves a free hoodie. We will be giving away 3 hoodies per month, all you have to do is post a photo on our Facebook wall of yourself in your GO Mammoth T-Shirt in a weird or wonderful place. We have had players post pictures of themselves in their t-shirts whilst skiing, jumping off boats on holiday, at weddings and even in Afghanistan so the opportunities are endless (see examples here). We will send the hoodies to 3 winners each month with the most likes (min of 25) on their picture that they have posted on our Facebook wall.

Get those photos taken, posted and shared to be in for a chance of winning 🙂


Most Active Mammoth Member Award (Win a Hoodie) 
Many of our members join GO Mammoth to try a new sport and end up getting hooked and trying all of them. We have many members that play multiple sports a week as well as taking part in our fitness classes. These members definitely deserve recognition for being super active.

Are you our most active member this month?

Mammoth Loyalty Award (Win a Hoodie)
We are extremely lucky how many of you guys and girls stay playing and working out with us season upon season, many have been with us since the day we started 3 years ago. We will be looking at our longest serving and most loyal members each month, and awarding them for their Mammoth love and commitment.

How long have you been part of GO Mammoth? 


MonthlyAwards.jpg MonthlyAwards.jpg MonthlyAwards.jpg


Let us know if you have any questions in the comments boxes below……


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