Guest Blog: First time encounters – London Volleyball

June 1, 2012

A first time encounter with London Volleyball.


A few days ago, I had my first experience with the London Volleyball League, run by GO Mammoth, and had a blast. This was my first time playing Volleyball in no less than a new town, but in a completely new country! I am used to playing in organised game, or a random pick-up, on occasion, and was looking forward to playing here in London

The facilities in Regents Park are exceptional, and very inviting to play an exciting Volleyball match. The court was not too far off of the beaten course, and the location had a very scenic quality allowing me to see amazing sights, both on my walk to the courts and while I was playing.  

The amount of teamwork between the different teams was astounding. People on the same team and different teams were working together, laughing, and having fun all while playing a competitive game in a highly social environment. The teams were engaging with all team members, ensuring that everyone got a chance to take a crack at the ball. Even members of the other team helped to ensure that everyone was having fun by exchanging banter jokingly, and attempting to make my team laugh.  Participating in the league was a collection of different people from different companies, countries, and different areas of the UK. As I continued to play, I couldn’t help but find the lively spirit contagious, and found myself thoroughly enjoying myself, like those around me. I was slightly nervous about joining a League in London, especially in Volleyball that I have not played for years. However I was pleasantly surprised by the mix of standard within the individual teams which made me feel much more comfortable. On a social level, Volleyball is definitely a game that everyone and anyone can play. It keeps you active, while not too tiring, and surprisingly by the end of my first match I wasn’t actually too bad.

The matches played were a great break and stress reliever from the drone of the workweek. With the organised weekly fixtures, and the energetic sets of volleys, there was no time to worry about anything else but enjoying yourself, and where to place the next volley.

I am already looking forward to the next season of Volleyball, I believe GO Mammoth has made a lifetime member out of me! 

Author: Anonymous


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