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July 10, 2013

5 simple recipes to try and make those fatty favourites guilt free!

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From sweet potato fries to a protein pizza…
Read here for healthy alternatives to your fatty favourites

Even though we try to stay healthy and enjoy a good run around at netball, football or Mammoth FitCamp, many of us also love a late night kebab, a hungover McDonalds and an evening Dominoes every once in a while. However, as we know they are not all that good for us we have tried to find some slightly healthier alternatives for you to try instead of your fatty faves.

Regular fries -> Sweet potato wedges

Sweet potato wedges are one of our favourite healthy alternatives. If you really fancy a beige day/comfort food these will satisfy your cravings. You can either peel the sweet potatoes or keep the skins on for a rustic feel. The potatoes can be cut into pieces as big or small as you fancy (change it up depending on your mood – American style thin fries or big hearty wedges). Spread them over a baking tray (these can be part boiled initially if you prefer a fluffier inner) with some oil, salt and pepper (add a bit of paprika if you fancy a touch of spice) and put them in the oven for around 25-30 mins or when they look ready. Great recipe found on also detailing the nutritional information.


Late night kebab shop stop -> Homemade lamb kebab

Kebab’s are one of those things that somehow sneak their way into many of our diets every so often. However stripped down (and not eaten as a take-away at 2am) you can actually make youself a tasty and quite healthy kebab. We found a great recipe for a homemade Lamb Kofta Kebab here on the BBC Good Food website. A simple recipe for the lamb kofta and then it’s down to individual tastes and creativity as to what you top it with. 


TGI Friday’s -> Fajita Friday’s

Mexican food is definitely a guilty pleaseure, however we found this fajita recipe on Jamie Oliver’s website which looks pretty delicious and has less than 742 cal per serving (at first we thought this was quite alot until we realised the calorie content of what we usually eat). There are quite a few ingredients so it could be pretty expensive to buy but hopefully it will be worth it, Jamie’s recipes have not failed us yet.


Dominoes -> Protein pizza

Pizza seems to be a strong favourite when it comes to easy but tasty meals. We knew a healthy pizza had to be on here, but we went one step further. When looking for recipes, we fell across which had a protein pizza.. even better for all you guys loving your protein shakes. The recipe looks a little complicated but if you fancy a challenge, it seems like a great way of upping your protein intake. Click here for a link to the ingredients you need and instructions on how to make it. The recipe doesn’t include the topping, so it’s left in your hands to decide.


Chocolate cake -> Low fat brownies

For the last healthy alternative, we decided to add a desert. Brownies won as it seems many have a soft spot for them and from our personal opinions, chocolate just seems to make life better. With just 191kcal per brownie, they sound delicious. They have a hint of coffee too which we feel makes them even better, however it can be missed out if you’re not a coffee fan. Click here for the BBC Good Food link to the ingredients and recipe.



What is your fatty favourite….do you have a healthy alternative?
Is it even worth trying to find a healthier option for the fast food meals that we love?


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