“If sport be the food of love, play on”

July 20, 2012

Some classic sport chat up lines, that I am positive will be used, and will be very successful.

Everywhere you go in London/the world at the moment you will see a dating advert, and after the release and mass popularity of the saucy ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ it seems that this is at the forefront of everyones mind as well as most ladies wanting to find their perfect Mr Grey.

As well as playing your favourite sport with GO Mammoth, you are also meeting loads of new like minded people. With this in mind, we have jumped on the bandwagon. When the sweat and competition get going I am sure a few of you have a slight fancy for someone in your team/league, so we have come up with some cracking sport pickup lines which will hopefully get you that date you’ve always wanted, or at least make them laugh at your stupididty and initially break the ice.

They are probably the cringiest lines I have ever heard, but everyone likes someone who makes the first move (even if it is one of the below)…right?




  • So play has stopped during your match, your catching your breath and you look over to your target and say “If I told you, you have a gorgeous figure would you hold it against me”


  • Your teammate just missed their shot in your basketball/mixed netball league and are clearly upset. To cheer them up and score yourself date you say to them, “You can drop your ball in my hoop anytime”


  • Whether you’re on the volleyball court or in an archaeological mission in the African jungle you can say to your girl (or guy), “Hey girl, I really “dig” you”  


  •  Another one for the volleyball players. After the match you can ask, “How about after the game I make you some dinner? I can “serve” you underhand if you like”


  • Heres a great line to use during your warm up. Just ask them, “Do you want to play some one on one?’ ‘I don’t think you need to warm up, because you’re already hot” 


  • When you notice someone with their hands on their knees panting heavily you can walk up to them put your hand on their back and casually tell them, “You must be tired because you’ve been running through my head all evening.”


  • This one is best used when you first join a league or meeting an opposing player for the first time, “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?”


  • If someone is hurt and bruised it will be a fair call to ask them, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Cause that’s how I’d explain the bruises”


  • In celebration of our first ever kickball leagues you can help out a player who has never played kickball before by saying, “Dating me is like playing kickball — so dangerous you have to sign a waiver” 


  • Once again if they are unsure about kickball you can tell them, “I’m like kickball — there are a million better things you could do with your time, but you’ll end up playing me anyway” 


  • Great to use for the people you think would love a long term commitment in your dodgeball league, “I love commitment — I’ve played on the same dodgeball team for at least a month” 


  • Finally (if they haven’t slapped you and left) you tell them one more thing about kickball, “I’m like a kickball — so big you need two hands” 


So there you have it, potential pickup lines for next time you take the field or court. If you are brave (or desperate) enough to try it, we would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear some successful/less successful stories.

We are proud to say we have introduced a few great couples through our leagues already…and are always wanting to hear more…


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