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June 19, 2012

Everything you need to know about playing kickball.




Kickball is coming to the London area in a Mammoth way! Soon Go Mammoth will be offering a new Kickball London League.

What is Kickball?

Kickball is the fusion of Football and Baseball.

How the game works.. 

 Kickball is a game primarily played in the United States. The game derives its playing style from the sports of Football and Baseball. There are two teams in competition against one another. The team in the outfield has a minimum of eight players on the field, and a maximum of 11. The pitching position must be filled while 1stbase, 2nd base, 3rd base and home plate should be covered. The remaining outfield plays should be dispersed between infield and outfield in order to maximize coverage. The other team, known as the kicking or batting team, takes turns at kicking the rubber ball in hopes that they make it to the desired base without being marked out, or the ball being caught. If the kickers ball is caught or if the ball, tags the kicker before reaching the base, then the kicker is out. It is the outfield teams goal to make the kicking team accumulate 3 outs causing them to switch positions. After both teams have batted once, then the inning ends. A game lasts 5 innings, giving each team 5 times at bat, and 5 times in the outfield.

Similar to baseball, if the kicker misses the ball when batting, then they get a strike. Strike 1! If the kicker gets 3 strikes then they are OUT!  There are also foul balls.   If the ball outside the lines of play then the ball is foul. A foul ball counts as a strike, unless the kicker already has 2 strikes. Instead of using a bat to swing at the incoming thrown ball. The kicker must kick the ball that the pitcher rolls at them. This aspect of London Kickball is what makes it like Football.


The field itself is set up in a diamond shape with each base at the corners. Each corner is 60 (18.288 m) feet apart. The bases are the only safe places to stop without being able to be tagged out. In London kick ball, unlike baseball the ball can be thrown at the runner as long as it does not make contact with the head. To score the runner must make to each base in order and return to home plate. This counts as one run. If the runner stops on a base or the pitcher gets the ball back, then the next kicker is allowed to kick. In the event of the pitcher getting the ball back the base runner must stop at the nearest base or base they are in transit to. 

Kickball is a very fun and entertaining sports game. It was typically taught in schools, and played in schoolyards during recess or in parks at random. The game is growing in the adult sector, with many leagues popping up in the United States. It is a very simple game to learn and play. It Provides great exercise and laughs for all that play.

Have you had a first hand experience of the marvel that is Kickball? If you’re interested in playing kickball in London be sure to Add your name to the Kickball waiting list now


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