London Netball: Sport headphones review

September 11, 2012

Never have crackling in your ear on your run again...

As you’re training for your next London Netball game, you may want to consider the different types of headphones available to make your workouts that bit more enjoyable. According to the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, music is said to increase your endurance by as much as 15% so why not get the most out of your workout?

I have summed up a few alternatives below:


Since generic headphones, such as the Apple earphones that come with your iPod, can easily break and do not always deliver music at a high quality, NBA and Olympic champion LeBron James and Dr. Dre have teamed up to create a sports headphone that does just the opposite. “Powerbeats” are specifically designed to deliver studio-quality sound to athletes and contain sweat resistant materials to ensure the sound is never interrupted. The ear buds are durable and made with high quality material so you wont be stuck with broken headphones mid-workout. The remote control card allows you to change your music in the middle of an exercise without having to stop and find your music player. Normally in-ear headphones are dangerous to run on roads and publics places with but with Powerbeats, your safety is not an issue. These headphones allow just enough ambient noise in so that you’ll know when to watch out for that car passing you. Powerbeats are priced at £119.99 and come in three different colors.


If you have issues keeping your headphones in during your workout, wireless headphones may be the best option. FX-Sport has created a headphone with a built in MP3 player. The music can be simply uploaded by plugging your headphones into your computer, just as you would your iPod. The headphones are sweat resistant and waterproof so if you’re training for your social netball league by swimming, these headphones are a great choice. The songs can be changed through the speech activated features so your workout can be hands free. The VR1 headphones feature a “Programmable Personal Trainer”. This virtual trainer can report the speed and duration of your workout. Motivational phrases that are spoken by your virtual trainer will help push you through those low points in your training. The VRI MP3 player by FX-Sport is priced at £134.00.

If the above sound perfect but seem a bit pricy, and you are still after a better quality sound the below headphones may be more appealing.


Sennheiser PMX 680i has collaborated with Adidas to create a headphone that is available at a lower price. The PMX 680i is designed for all types of strenuous activity, but mainly distance running. Running long distances will help build your endurance, allowing you to perform at your best while you play netball in London. These headphones have a neckband that locks into place so whether you’re running for thirty minutes or two hours, the headphones never move their place and the ear buds never fall out. They are water resistant so even if it starts to rain while you’re running you wont have to worry about tucking your headphones away. The cables are made from Kevlar by DuPont and maintain a perfect combination between durability and flexibility. Even at temperatures below zero, the cables are still flexible! Sennheiser PMX 680i headphones are available at a price of £44.99.

Headphones are available at a variety of different styles, prices and colors so you can look and feel your best while training.

Have you used any of these headphones while training?


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