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June 15, 2012

Find the perfect trainers to play netball.

Good shoes, take you Good places

In order to play sport properly at your highest level, and without hurting yourself, you must make sure you have the right kit and equipment!

Netball is no exception to this rule. One of the most important parts of your kit that dramatically affects your performance, are your trainers. Having the correct pair of trainers leads to better joint health, improved agility, increased comfort while playing, a happier you, and a better London Netball experience!

When you run, your foot makes a striking contact with the ground. Over time this repetitive striking can wear down your joints and cause pain. Shock absorbent shoes help to reduce the amount of force felt by your body, therefore reducing the impact on your joints. When you are sprinting, most of the contact tends to be made with the front end of your foot, if you run on your toes. For this reason it may be a good idea to have gel covering the front of your foot. This will also help to dissipate the shock to your body. It is also possible to run and make primary contact with your heels. To protect your heels from getting tender and your body from the shock of running, having a gel at the rear of the shoe is also a good idea.

One of the most common injuries in London Netball is a twisted ankle. When running during a Netball game it is extremely important to have supportive trainers. Flimsy plimsoles will not protect your ankle if you were to turn at an odd angle, or slightly roll over on your foot.  Twisted ankles have got quite a quick recovery time, but are very painful, and will stop you playing to your full potential for a good few weeks.

Netball is very much a game about speed and agility. To intercept a pass, you must always be mentally and physically ahead of your opponent. Therefore you need to be able to beat your opponent down the court. In order to get the speed, as well as overall fitness and sprinting ability, it is necessary to have good traction. Traction also factors into your stopping ability, and enables you to run quickly, stop, and change directions to make cuts to open spaces. Imagine running on a wooden court in socks, and trying to build up to speed. Then stop and change direction, it doesn’t end to well.

Below is a compilation of recommended Netball trainers for your Netball activities. 


Trainer Make Front Gel Heel Gel Shock Absorbency Increased support  Increased Stability Traction Flexibility Price
Net Burner Professional      X     X         X          X        X          X £100.00
Net Burner 13      X     X         X          X        X          X £85.00
Net Burner Academy      X     X         X         £75.00
Net Burner Super      X     X         X          X        X          X £110.00
Gel Pivot      X           X         £60.00
Response Cushion 20       X         X          X       £75.00
Blaze       X            X         X        X £44.99
Air Max S2S              X          X         X        X £60.00


Considering all important factors affecting the performance of your trainer, and budget, the Asics Net Burner 13 trainers come out on top.


Are there any particular trainers you would recommend buying for speed and agility when playing Netball? Or have you got/tried out the winner above?


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