Zagora Leggings Review

June 27, 2012

Lose weight 4 times faster with Zagora Leggins.

Zaggora.jpg So, I always thought this was a bit of a myth until my housemate said she was going to get some (and we all laughed), and now she’s got awesome legs (and we’re all a bit gutted).

Have you ever wanted to lose weight 4 times faster while playing Netball in London with no additional effort. There is now a solution, it’s called Zaggora Leggings. Unfortunately, 90% of post-adolescent women are affected by cellulite. Zaggora’s new hotpants are scientifically proven to increase weight loss by 4 times targeting that extra bit of weight on your thighs and bum.

Many of you are asking how this miracle product works! Zaggora’s leggings increase your body temperature by 18% more than a regular compression garment, this helps to speed up your metabolism, resulting in a quicker removal of carbs and fats from the body. Even more amazingly, the leggings intensify energy outflow by 26% an hour after exercise. This is why Zaggora leggings are perfect for when your playing Netball in Clapham or within one of your London Netball leagues. You will work hard on the court and burn weight quicker, and once you have finished the match your body will still release energy.

Prices range from £44.99 – £69.99 depending on what style and type you desire. Even though the leggings are marketed at women they could be for everyone. For the men interested in losing weight 4 times faster, getting your wife or girlfriend to purchase a pair for you to wear underneath your shorts may be the way to go.

For the fans of Zaggora’s leggings there is even better news. Zaggora’s ‘Coola Bra’ is coming soon. A bra full of comfort, ventilation and an icy-cool feel will provide some relief to women who are exhausting themselves on the netball court. So a bra to cool you down and pants to burn excess fat makes these accessories optimal for your Netball league. The guys might want to avoid purchasing this last one!ha

Do you have an epic Zaggora weight loss story, or have any of your friends tried them out?


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