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July 24, 2012

A few great sport and social apps...

The integration of smartphones into our daily lives has lead to an increase of access to information, greater social networking opportunities, and constant communication between people. A phones ability has grown exponentially since the invention of “apps”. Now we can use our phones not only as sources of information, but also as our greatest training tools.

Below are a few great sport and social apps for your phone.

If there are any apps you use on a daily basis, and would advise others to download…..please comment below.

Thuuz: Free

Thuuz.jpg Have you wondered whether the game you are rushing to the pub to see is worth your time? Want to find out what game your friends are watching and how excited they are about the game? Then Thuuz is the app for you, bringing you updated information on games. Coverage includes Basketball, Football, Cricket, Rugby and more. Not only do you get real time information, but you get excitement levels. 


Team Stream: Free

teamstream.jpg If you want information about your favourite team brought directly to you, then the Team Stream app is the best app for you. If any breaking news arises concerning your team, then you will be instantly alerted by a message on your phone. By activating the alert you will instantly be directed to the article detailing the update. The moment Manchester United confirmed their interest in Lucas Moura I was alerted.


KYCK: Free

KYCK.jpg This app covers everything and anything football. It is a private information source dedicated only to football leagues, teams, and individuals. You have to register and be accepted in order to use KYCK’s resources, but it hand selects specific content for you, depending on your preferences. Once you are in you will be also be offered the opportunity to speak with certain professional footballers. It’s pretty much a football facebook.


Ray Lewis Workout: £2.49

rAYlEWIS.jpg Ray Lewis is a NFL football star with a ridiculous training routine. This app allows you to do the same workouts as Lewis to get fit. Cut fat following this app, and if you are looking to build muscle mass, that is also possible. Using this app is equivalent to having your own personal trainer, except this trainer only costs a one off payment of £2.49 and not £249/hour.


Map my Run: Free /£1.99

Mapmyrun.jpg Have you ever been on a run and wondered how fast you are running? Maybe you wanted to know how far you had already gone on your run, and/or how much farther you have to go? The MapMyRun app would be perfect for you. Not only can you track and log your distances/times. You can also plan out your routes, keep track of your speed and pacing, track elevation changes, and get nutritional input. This is the all in one fitness guide that you have been looking for. There is both a free version, and one you have to pay for. In the paid version, there are no ads, and there is iPod music integration.  There is also a very similar MapMyRide for those who prefer exercising on their bikes.


My Fitness Pal: Free

Myfitnesspal.jpg This is a great app to keep track of what you are eating/how much exercise you are actually doing. It also helps you notice that sometimes you do more exercise in your day to day life/job than you realise as it accounts for brisk walks to and from the train station/shops etc. You can also enter your weight every so often to track your progression. However, it is quite an intense way to measure your day as you have to enter every bit of exercise, and every bit of food you eat. It could be a too controlled way to live, rather than just eating healthily and keeping up a regular exercise routine.


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